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Clean beauty has been an interest of mine for a decade and I am thrilled that there is now a market for it. Today, I’m sharing some clean beauty and the best clean perfume that lasts all day.

clean beauty non-toxic perfume

I grew up wearing perfume every day (at that time, I wasn’t worried about having a clean perfume). I wore anything from body spritzes to actual perfumes. It wasn’t until I had my first child that I began to question what I was wearing. There was something about her little face being nestled into a toxic-perfume-covered body that bothered me.

It has been over thirteen years since I wore perfume of any kind. Lately, I have been wanting to start wearing perfume again, but in an effort to keep with my clean beauty goals, I was looking for a non-toxic perfume brand to support.

Clean Perfume

Ever since giving up artificial fragrances and toxic perfumes, I have struggled to be able to wear anything of the sort. I was creating my own essential oil rollers, but the smell didn’t last long and I wanted a perfume with more staying power.

As I was searching for a long lasting non-toxic perfume, I realized that the market for clean beauty had grown past clean makeup and non-toxic skin care.

non-toxic perfume for homemaker

What to look for in a Non-Toxic Perfume

There were a few basics that I was looking for in a perfume. I know I can’t expect a 100% clean perfume, but I wanted something that I felt good wearing.

  • Paraben Free
  • Phthalate Free
  • Eco-friendly
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Minimal Synthetics

Why not 100% Clean Perfume?

If you dive into the clean beauty world for long, you will realize that very few things are 100% clean. There are several good reasons for that and they should be considered.

  1. Some ingredients are synthetic because it helps to increase sustainability for the planet. Some ingredients, if naturally sourced, could put stress on certain eco-systems. It’s not worth it to naturally source those items, so synthetics (as long as they don’t create a super toxic product) can be a better choice. There are also certain instances where synthetics help prevent skin irritation when using a product.
  2. At times, ingredients must be used to ensure the viability of a product. If you are using a beauty product and only use 100% clean ingredients, that product will have a very short shelf life. The likelihood of bacteria being introduced and contaminating the product is high unless a company includes an ingredient to fight against that bacteria growth. Those ingredients are usually a bit “dirty,” but are also necessary.
clean beauty for the homemaker perfume

What is a Signature Scent?

Simply put, a signature scent is one that you look forward to wearing and smelling all day long. It is a scent that brings a smile to your face. My struggle is always finding a scent that doesn’t irritate my nose, but that isn’t too musky, either. I like a perfect middle ground.

The best way to find your signature perfume is to take the time to wear the perfume to see if it marries with your body chemistry. The scent that works for one person might not work for someone else. Every scent profile smells different on different people, so make sure you try before you buy.

How to Find Your Signature Perfume

  • Scent Memory– What smells bring happy thoughts? Do you love the thought of florals, chocolate, fresh scents, musks, vanilla? Think of which scents create happy memories.
  • Wear the Perfume– It’s not enough to simply smell the bottle or to spritz the perfume on a smell card. The scent will interact with your body chemistry, so you have to wear the perfume to see how it will work with your body. I ordered samples of the perfume I was interested in and wore the scents I preferred the most over several days.
  • Limit Your Options– Only try 2-3 scents at a time. This will help you to narrow down what you like and not get confused by all of the different notes in the fragrances.
  • How do they age– Consider how you like the fragrance after you’ve worn it for several hours. Typically, the top notes (citrus/fresh) will dissipate faster and you will be left with the base note (brings depth and is usually a bit earthy). Make sure you like the scent from first spritz until the end of the day.

What Signature Perfume did I choose?

After much research and trying samples of perfumes, I found my signature scent. I watched reviews from bloggers I trusted and I have been wearing this perfume for the past month. It has lovely top notes and the base notes are dreamy, too… not to mention the perfume lasts all day long. I even wear it to bed because the smell makes me so happy.

What did I choose????

Pinrose is the brand I went with (PS. They are generously offering 20% to YOU when you order one of their starter kits- use code: LIZ at checkout). It marked off all of the necessary “boxes” and the scents are amazing. The scent profiles range from fruity to chocolatey, to woodsy. I purchased their Good Intentions kit and found my signature scent on the first day. I wanted to share my top three scent profiles that I liked with you:

I prefer a light, floral top note with a rich base note to keep the scent from tickling my nose. Merry Maker was, by far, my favorite scent. I am very sensitive to fragrance, so I wasn’t surprised to learn that Merry Maker was a scent created for pregnant women to help with nausea. I loved how long lasting each of the scents were. Over the course of a month, I tried each fragrance and each of the scents lasted the entire day.

Let me break down each scent for you

I created a video to share each scent with you so you can see if Pinrose is a good choice for you.

I hope this post was helpful. This post was NOT sponsored. All products were purchased by me as I researched the best non-toxic perfume for me.

The Best Non-Toxic Perfume Brands

Each of these brands offers a selection of clean perfumes. Clean Reserve perfumes are quite popular, but come with a price. Henry Rose was created by Michelle Pfeiffer in order to offer a completely transparent experience when choosing a signature scent without the chemicals. I loved Pinrose because they combined clean perfume with a price that I could afford… and they smell amazing. Be sure to check out all of the brands when you look for your signature fragrance. It is worth spending a bit extra on the perfect scent since you will be wearing all day long.

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  1. I don’t normally wear perfume but maybe I should look into it to cancel out the horse scent that follows me around … Seriously though, this is a great introduction and I’ll have to look into it!

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