Boho-Crown Braid // Tutorial

I posted a picture on Instagram a few weeks ago with my hair in a Boho-Crown braid.
So many people messaged me on Instagram and through email about my hair
wanting a tutorial. 
Since there was so much interest, 
I decided to do a vlog for this post.
I love this hair-do for so many reasons.
First off, I can do this with super messy hair,
so it saves me having to wash and dry my hair when I am in a hurry.
Secondly, it is quick and I can throw it up in no time.
Lastly, it looks nice and stays out of my way when I am tending to my flock.
Check out the video below.
I had some trouble getting it to upload correctly,
so offer me lots of grace when watching.
When I recorded it, it was super sharp and 
then I uploaded it and it is now a little fuzzy.
If you have any Vlog tips-
send them to me!!!


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