How to Host a Christmas Craft Party

Christmas is a great time to host a fun party for your friends to enjoy the season and spark some creativity. Today, I’m going to share some tips for how to host a Christmas craft party.

cranberries, oranges, and rosemary on a white counter top

I am not a huge crafter, probably because most DIYs require a lot of supplies and talent. Neither of those are things I possess.

But, I do like putting my hand to a task and I love hanging out and enjoying the company of my friends, so throwing a craft party is a great way to marry those two things together.

As with all things, my main goal is to create something purposeful without making it something that is stressful.

These tips are all about keeping things simple and pared down so you can enjoy the craft night instead of feeling overwhelmed.

saltdough, cookie cutters, rolling pin, and brush trees

How to prepare for a craft party

Preparing for the craft party is just as important as the actual craft party.

Keep things basic to make sure the craft party is a success and that everyone enjoys themselves.

You will have guests at your party who have different skill levels, so having simple crafts will make certain no one is intimidated by the projects.

  • Plan what craft(s) you will do at the party– Keep these simple. Simple supplies and simple execution. This will ensure that everyone can complete the craft without much assistance. You may have one craft or plan multiple activities for guests to do.
  • Decide what snacks you will serve– This is another area to keep simple. Make sure you choose something that can be made ahead of time so you are scrambling at the last minute to prepare food. Any finger food will be a great choice for craft night snacks.
  • Set up the craft area with supplies– Before the craft party, set up each lady’s craft area at a big table. You can do this at your dining table or set up a folding table in your home. Make sure each table setting has the supplies needed to complete the craft. Place an example of what they will be creating in the center of the table so they can see it.

Easy crafts for a Christmas craft party

These crafts are simple, don’t take much time, and use very few supplies.

This means that it will be enjoyable for both the hostess and the attendees, plus it won’t break the bank to buy the supplies.

small saltdough ornaments on twine

Salt Dough Ornaments

This is a great craft that produces a charming result and requires 3 basic ingredients that are low cost.

Make dough for each craft night attendee and have it chilling in the refrigerator until it’s time to make the ornaments.

These can be made first thing so they can be drying in the oven while the party goes on. Each crafter can grab their ornaments before she leaves.

The best part about these ornaments is that the guest can use them for gift tags or as a Christmas decoration.

Ingredients for Salt Dough ornaments

  • Flour
  • Salt
  • Water

Supplies for Saltdough Ornaments

  • Saltdough dough chilled in the refrigerator
  • Cookie cutters in festive shapes
  • Small dowel or straw to poke a hole in the ornaments
  • Twine or ribbon to string up the ornaments

brown sugar scrub in a mason jar with a gift tag

Brown Sugar Body Scrub

This craft is also very cost effective and perfect for people of all skill levels.

You can either use it as a gift or to use during the harsh winter months ahead.

If the guests want to scent theirs, you can set out a place for them to add essential oils to the brown sugar body scrub to customize it.

  • Brown Sugar
  • Cinnamon
  • Oil

To set this craft up, put the body scrub ingredients in the middle of the table with measuring cups and a recipe card.

Each person should have a large mixing bowl at their seat and a spoon to mix the scrub.

Be sure each attendee has the right amount of mason jars to fill with their scrubs.

Supplies for Brown Sugar Body Scrub

  • 4 ounce mason jars with lids
  • brown sugar
  • cinnamon
  • avocado, coconut, or olive oil
  • Ribbon to tie around mason jar
cranberries, oranges, and rosemary in a mason jar

Christmas Infused Cleaning Vingear

This infused cleaning vinegar is a great craft that looks beautiful and is useful for keeping the home clean and smelling good during the holiday season.

Your guests will fill their mason jars with oranges, rosemary, pine, and whatever else you decide to provide for their infused cleaning vinegar.

They pour distilled vinegar over the jar contents and seal the jar up!

It is that easy and yet so beautiful and functional.

Supplies for Infused Vinegar

  • Oranges sliced
  • Greens- pine twigs, rosemary, or other greens
  • Essential oils
  • Distilled Vinegar
  • Mason jars with lids

glass bottle, essential oil, spoon dish, and dryer balls

DIY Christmas Dryer Ball Spray

Dryer ball spray is a super simple DIY that involves funneling liquid into a simple, glass spray bottle and scenting it with essential oils that reflect the season.

Supplies for Dryer ball spray

  • Water
  • Witch Hazel
  • Essential oils
  • 4 ounce glass spray bottles

terra cotta pots filled with herbs on kitchen counter

Mini Herb Garden for Winter

Having your guests plant an herb in a simple terra cotta pot will give them something to enjoy all winter long.

You can provide the pot and potting soil and have the guests bring their desired herb to plant.

Your guests can take their potted herb home and use it throughout the winter months while it is gray and cold outside.

Supplies for herb garden

  • Small clay pots
  • potting soil
  • herbs

Other Crafts for Craft Night

If you are looking for a more in depth craft, these are great options that take a bit more preparation and skill, but produce a lovely end result.

Make the Christmas Craft Night festive

If you’re hosting a Christmas craft night for your friends, you definitely want to make sure you create a festive atmosphere.

There are several ways to do this so that you can enjoy your night with friends.

apples, oranges, and cinnamon in a pot on a white counter

Put a Simmer Pot on the Stove

A simple, make ahead, way to add a festive scent throughout your home is by starting a Christmas simmer pot on your stove an hour before guests arrive.

This simmer pot is a “toss into the pot and forget” kind of recipe and it smells absolutely incredible.

sparkly christmas tree in living room with a blue sofa

Light up your Classic Christmas Decor

Turn on your twinkle lights and candles and set the mood by adding the ambiance that comes with warm lighting.

Find all kinds of tips and tricks for decorating your home with classic Christmas decor.

Play your favorite Christmas playlist for craft night

Music sets the stage for so much, so make sure to have your playlist ready.

Don’t make the music so loud that conversation is a struggle.

The music just adds a soft background to the conversation.

chocolate covered pecans on parchment

Snacks for a Christmas Craft night

Snacks are important for a craft night. I love getting together with friends and snacking as we chat.

Keep the snacks simple and make sure they can be made ahead so you don’t have any last minute rushing around in the kitchen.

10 Tips for hosting a Craft Night

  1. Have plenty of supplies for the crafts
  2. Pick simple crafts
  3. Don’t blow your budget on supplies, keep it simple
  4. Have examples of crafts available for guests to see
  5. Have a box or container for your guests to take their crafts home in
  6. Set the table so craft supplies can be easily accessed
  7. Use a tablecloth for easy clean up after the party
  8. Have festive refreshments
  9. Play soft music and light some candles
  10. Make craft instruction cards to set on the craft table so guests can read how to make the crafts

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