How to Decorate for a Classic Christmas

I spent many years chasing the trends of the time when it came to Christmas decorating. Then, I learned that keeping things classic meant that things were always in style. Today, I’m sharing the top decor items for a classic Christmas.

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Tis’ the season, my friends. Tis’ the season for thinking about decking your halls. This truly is one of my favorite times of the year.

I look forward to Christmas for so many reason, the main one being the birth of our Savior, but also because of all of the trappings it brings with it.

The main purpose for celebrating isn’t the tree or the presents, but I do like to make the home feel special as we celebrate the special season.

For so many years, I bought a few of the most trendy items that everyone was sharing online.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I decided to settle into a set Christmas decor style.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t update my decor from year to year, but it does mean that I start with a foundation of classic pieces that will work for my home for years to come.

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Why should you consider classic Christmas decor?

To each his own, when it comes to decorating one’s home. I’m just wanting to share why I settled on a classic decor style for the Christmas season.

For me, I want my kids to think back and have some set memories in their heads when it comes to decorating the home for Christmas.

I remember the garland and bows that my mom would iron and put up on our banister and these small rocking horses that sat in garland on our window sills.

That is what I’m wanting for my kids when it comes to Christmas.

Having classic decor means that it never goes out of style and you can use it year after year. Memories around certain items will be fondly thought of for years to come.

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How to grow your classic Christmas decor

I decided to move towards a more classic style when I realized that every room of my home was decorated differently. Nothing flowed because I used different trends in each room.

That is 100% fine, if that’s what you are going for, but I wanted a cohesive feel throughout the entire home.

I started collecting some classic pieces several years ago. It started small and every year I add a few more items to my collection.

Think back to charming decorations that have been used for decades when trimming the trees or layering the mantels.

  • Red, vintage beads
  • Brass deer figurines
  • Realistic garlands
  • Candles on the mantel and tree
  • Brass bells
  • Velvet bows
  • Plaid blankets

Growing your collection over time is fun and also keeps the budget in mind. Many of these items you can find at a thrift store!

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What is classic Christmas decor?

This can mean different things for different people. I think our childhood plays a huge role in what we consider “classic”.

Maybe your mom wrapped the tree in metallic tensile or had bright colored mercury glass ornaments adorning the tree.

My idea of classic is based on what I grew up with. Classic colors- greens, reds, blues, and metallics, are certainly something I reminisce about when I think about Christmas.

A tree dripping with handmade ornaments and those handed down over the years with white lights on it, sitting in the corner of the living room, is another form of classic Christmas decor.

Most people, when thinking of what would be termed classic move towards things such as:

  • Bells
  • Reindeer
  • Candles- on the mantel, tree, windowsills
  • Poinsettias
  • Pine Cones
  • Nutcrackers
  • Citrus and Cinnamon
  • Classic Christmas Colors- red, green, blue, yellow, metallics
  • Classic Christmas patterns- plaid
  • Christmas Train under the tree
  • Christmas Villages

I think a lot of people would have a Christmas memory revolving around several of those classic Christmas touches.

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What are the benefits for using Classic Decorations?

Christmas is one of those times of year when more is more. Decking the halls extravagantly is acceptable and welcomed.

The timeframe for enjoying Christmas is so short, so I like making sure we milk it for all it’s worth.

One of the biggest benefits for me switching to a more classic style is that I get to add to my collection without things looking out of place.

My color scheme has been set and I tend to gravitate towards items that will last, so my decoration just keep growing.

It has given me the ability to layer Christmas throughout my home without busting the budget every year.

Since what I bought two years ago still works with what I bought this year, I can layer them together and it all flows.

Prior to this, I’d have teal on the coffee table and a rich, deep blue on the mantel. It just didn’t look good together.

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Ways to transition your trendy decor to classic decor

The best way to move from flying with the trends to settling in on a more classic look is to begin with the foundation.

  1. Greenery is a major part of every Christmas decor no matter what the trend. Invest your money into realistic trees, garlands, and wreaths. These create a wonderful base to any decor you might already have. They are also the most costly items, so don’t skimp and buy what looks realistic and will be something you will want for years to come.
  2. Candles bring coziness and calm to a space regardless of the season, but certainly at Christmastime. Simply adding greenery and candles to a room will be transformative. I love clipping faux candles on our Christmas tree and using battery candles for our mantel. I will link the ones that I use. I replace the batteries each year, but they last through the New Year, which is good enough for me.
  3. Blankets and Pillow Covers were an investment I made several years ago so that my textiles could reflect the season. These are items that last and last. I love pulling them out each holiday season and transitioning our home into Christmas with simply changing the blankets and pillows. I prefer buying pillow covers for different seasons, instead of buying actual pillows with permanent covers on them, because pillow covers are easy to store and they are cheaper than buying an entire pillow. I swap out covers as the seasons require.
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Free Christmas Printable

Enjoy this festive Christmas printable for your home.

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  1. I certainly agree with this! This is what I tell my grown daughters who now have families of their own. As a 61 year old grandmother now, I can look back and remember the evolutions of my different “styles”, always wanting to do something different or trendy – starting with my newlywed “almost bare” look with hand-me-down ornaments and handmade bows, then the country style, the Victorian style, the frosted all-white look, the all-blue look, the natural look, and on and on. My mother would just shake her head and use her same tried and true decorations sparingly, year after year. If I could go back and start over (or if I could advise someone just starting out) I would have invested in just quality, classic items for my home, to celebrate the season, not just Christmas. Be intentional. There is so much to offer now, and such better quality. I did adopt this policy eventually, but I think I wasted a lot of time and money in the early years! I would add additional brass items to your Classics list…candlesticks, chambersticks, musical instruments like French horns, angels…along with the deer. Also a beautiful nativity, if you are so inclined, that can be brought out year by year and put in a place of honor.
    Your blog is very informative and enjoyable to read! Thank you.

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