Favorite Things Friday… on a Wednesday

I remember back in the day when I used to blog, long before Instagram, and everyone would share products, posts, recipes, or home decor they loved… just for the fun of it. Today, I’m going to share my favorite things Friday, except on a Wednesday. 😂

I love sharing what goes on in our home and, hopefully, encouraging you. But, I also want to share those things that inspire me.

After thinking about whether, or not, you’d enjoy seeing things I’m loving, I decided to share it and let you weigh in!

This past week is one of my most anticipated weeks because it seems like fall is really around the corner. Once the calendar turns to September, we are on the slide into autumn weather.

I recently shared my Cozy Kitchen with you all and that was inspired by the changing of seasons.

I hope you enjoy these topics as much as I do.

Kitchen I’m Loving

This kitchen is one that I see on pinterest and instagram. Every time I see it, I either “like” it or “pin” it.

The natural elements and beautiful windows stop me in my tracks every time. Not to mention the beautiful wooden countertop paired with the French range. It’s not a fancy kitchen, but I would love to spend my time in this space.

For me, I like looking at spaces that I can actually achieve. Maybe it won’t look just like the photo, but I can add simple elements to create a similar feel.

This kitchen is just that. It uses woods and tiles and baskets to create a soft, inviting space.

Video I’m Loving

I was needing a bit of peace and calm this week. Things were busy after returning from our road trip through South Dakota and I needed something to help cut the busyness of laundry and catching up.

This video was just what I needed. I wanted to share it because, maybe, you’re needing a bit of calm, too.

This family’s electricity went out due to a lightning strike and the mother filmed bits of the storm and flickering candles. Seriously, it’s so beautiful.

In case you missed my latest video, you can see it here. I shared the visual process of moving my kitchen from summer to fall.

Recipe I’m Loving

I love cooking, especially when the final dish is a hit with the family! This recipe was downright delish and quite simple.

We love Asian-inspired food about as much as we love our tacos. This was simple and full of flavor we all loved, not to mention it was so much better than takeout.

One thing I don’t prefer about getting Asian food at a restaurant is that I am picky about my meat. I know, that sounds silly, but it’s true.

Making my own dishes means I get to rest assured that I’m using a meat quality that I feel good about.

I also have a kiddo who loves plain rice, so any time I can make a dish that offers her rice, she’s a happy camper.

If you are needing some other go-to suppers, be sure to check out my easy dinners for a family post!

Helpful Post I’m Loving

I remember being a young mom who didn’t know how to handle sickness when it struck our home.

I had very few resources because most meds were for kiddos 6 and older, not to mention they might have yucky side effects.

There are now so many options and it can get confusing to know which ones are best. I wrote a post last year sharing our favorite supplements.

That post has been a hit this fall and I know so many of you are looking for ways to keep your family healthy with all of the sickness that is lurking in the coming months. I hope to share even more about things we do to keep sickness at bay.

One of the main things we do is try to boost our immune systems any way we can to make it able to fight off germs. Supplements, healthy eating, sunshine, and good sleep are a few ways we do that.

My friend, Ashley, also wrote a huge post sharing how she keeps her family healthy during the winter months. I wanted to share it because it would’ve been so helpful for me as a young mom to have that resource.

Inspiration I’m Loving

This book has been rented from our local library multiple times by me and I have, officially, added it to my Christmas list.

I kept thinking I would get tired of looking at it, but nope… I don’t. I think that is a good indicator that I need it in my home permanently to thumb through when inspiration strikes.

I thought I’d share it in case you were wanting some lovely home inspiration. I use it for my own home decor projects and it also makes a beautiful coffee table book.

It’s a perfect gift to yourself as we enter the fun decorating season of fall… or as a Christmas gift to add to your own list!

This post shares home trends for Fall 2021. I love Deb and everything she shares. To be honest, I’d love for her to come to my home and help me with a few decor things myself. 😂

She shared a list of trends she sees coming in the fall and I think she’s spot on. She shares how trends are moving away from pattern, like on throw blankets, and more towards simple colors and textures of the throws.

Another fall trend is terracotta, which I am thrilled about because I love terracotta pots and hues.

Have a good Wednesday, friends! I hope you enjoyed this quick “favorites” post. If you want some more inspiration, check out these latest posts from The Quick Journey…

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