20 Simple Gift Ideas for the Homemaker

My hope for this gift guide is to give you some ideas of things that a homemaker in your life would like. Or, to give you a few ideas of things to put on your own Christmas list. These are items that we already own and that I use often. Here are 20 simple gift ideas for the homemaker.

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As a homemaker, I have had a fair amount of things make their way through our home. Some of them are still around and some have been gone for a long time.

Not everyone runs their home the same way I do, but I decided it would still be fun to share a few of the things that I buy over and over or items that if they quit I’d buy again.

Some gifts are fun and a few are practical and make my life easier as a homemaker. Either way, they are great things to consider as you make purchases this season.

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Cleaning Gifts for the Homemaker

  • Shark Rocket Vacuum– This is a gift that I asked for several years ago during a Black Friday sale. My husband did tons of research and picked this model for me. I had been lugging around a large, old vacuum for years- up and down the stairs. The Rocket came apart, making it easy to vacuum stairs and furniture. It has been used weekly for several years and I still love it.
  • Bissel Carpet Shampooer- We have animals inside and four kids. Sometimes, it’s just nice to clean the rugs and carpets super well. It makes the house smell better and gives me a peace of mind that things are truly clean. This one was recommended to me by a friend and I am glad I went with her recommendation. It works so well and is simple to use.
  • Glass Spray Bottles– I make my own Thieves Cleaner with the concentrate, so I need bottles to put the cleaner in. These glass bottles work great and I love that they are pretty, too.
  • Bona Mop Pad and Duster- If you have wood floors, I think this mop/dust set is a must. I love how the duster picks up all of the lint on the floors and the mop pad is effective and easy to wash. I have had the same set for the last three homes we’ve lived in and I still use it!
almond cow for gift idea for homemakers

Kitchen Gifts for the Homemaker

  • Almond Cow– I asked for this almond milk processor year ago and got it for a Christmas present. Half of us only drink almond milk and I like knowing that we aren’t drinking all of the extras that get put into conventional almond milk. Plus, you can make other kids of milks with this machine. It’s easy to clean and so fast.
  • Non-Toxic Candles– Every year, I ask for more yummy candles. I love burning them and they are a great gift to both get and receive.
  • Coffee Maker– I love our coffee maker. It’s retro and cute and makes a good cup of coffee. It doesn’t have a self-timer, but I just fill it the night before and flip the switch when I wake up. I, actually, enjoy listening to it brew in the early morning hours.
  • French Press– Some days, I need an afternoon cup of coffee. This is when I use my french press. To be honest, this french press makes one of the best cups of coffee I’ve had.
  • Cast Iron Pan– I’ve shared my love of cast iron many times. I think Christmas is a great time to add a cast iron pan to your cooking arsenal.
  • Apron– My aprons get used every day while I make breakfast and supper. I like being able to protect my clothing and have something to wipe my hands on as I cook. This apron is very cute and looks good hanging in the kitchen. I linked others in my storefront, if you want to look at them.
  • Towels– Every homemaker can use some new towels for the kitchen. Hand towels get dingy and need to be replaced. Having some new ones is a nice treat.
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Personal Gifts for the Homaker

  • Handmade Jewelry– I fell in love with Sela jewelry several years ago because I loved their mission and how lightweight the earrings were. I quit wearing jewelry when I started having kids and only recently began adding it back in a few years ago. It makes me feel so pulled together, which I like.
  • Flannel Bedding– I put on delicious flannel bedding this year for the colder months. Ooooo, I had no idea what I was missing.
  • Pajamas– Pajamas have quickly become something I am a bit crazy about. I love wearing nice pajamas. They don’t have to be super pricey, but I like having matching sets and feeling good about what I’m wearing, even if it’s pajamas.
  • Clean Makeup– This makeup has been my go-to for years now. I wanted clean makeup that actually performed well. I do love that they come out with new products, too.
  • Blanket– Every homemaker needs a blanket for when she gets up early in the morning and reads. Or, for when she sits in the evening as she prepares to turn in for the night.
  • House Slippers– I am home so much of my day. House slippers are just a part of my daily uniform. I prefer something with a firm sole. The best ones, in my opinion, look like little moccasins. I get them over and over as they wear out.
  • Perfume– This has been a new development for me. Sometime last year I decided that I didn’t want to smell as “natural” as I had been 😆 and I wanted to have a feminine touch to how I smelled. I researched perfumes and landed on a brand that I love. Click the link above to read all about it.
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Book Ideas for the Homemaker

There are so many books I can list, but I’ve shared them before in my Book List post. I won’t mention them again, but I will share two more that I think you will enjoy.

Books are great gifts because they take time to flip through and they are something you can glean inspiration from, whether it comes to cooking, homemaking, or home decor.

I love being able to thumb through books over and over again. I always notice something different when I do.

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