A Gift Guide for Men

Buying great gifts for the men in your life always proves to be a difficult task, if you ask me. It seems cliché, but really, what do we buy for them? I’m sharing a “gift guide for him” to help get the wheels turning so you can check off some gifts off of your list.

belt and boots for men

I know it’s early, but it truly is never too early to start shopping.

For me, I like to get started in early fall and be done in November so I can wrap things and have them sitting pretty under our tree.

There have been a few times that I have been looking to finish up my shopping in December and I either can’t find anything to purchase or the shipping is so delayed that it won’t get here in time.

Having that happen to me far too many times is part of the reason I begin my Christmas shopping early.

In order to help give you some ideas, I’m sharing a few of my husband’s favorite things in a gift guide format.

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button down shirts laying on a basket

Clothing Gifts for Men

There have been a few clothing items my husband has gotten that have been a real success. I’m going to share a few of them with you.

Untuck-It Shirts

Truth be told, I saw these advertised in an airplane magazine and totally rolled my eyes. How can one button down shirt really be better than another?

My mother-in-law ended up getting some for my husband for Christmas and both he and I loved the way they were constructed and the length of them.

These shirts are made so well and don’t hang super low to where they look sloppy. I think the length is perfect for wearing untucked, yet they still look nice enough for an evening out or church.

Boots for Men

If you have a guy that works outside or likes to hike, the Salomon brand is a great boot that lasts and is comfortable for all-day wear.

Anyone who knows my husband knows that he researches every purchase until there isn’t anything left to research. Needless to say, these boots were well researched and it has proven to be time well spent because they have lasted for so long.

Mark got his boots for a hunting trip to the mountains years ago and he is still wearing them.

Any time he goes to work on the farm or out in our yard, he puts them on and they keep his feet comfortable and dry.

We prefer to buy a high quality item once, instead of buying a cheaper item over and over. If you feel the same way and a guy in your life needs some new boots, these are a great option.

Belts for Men

Mark is pretty particular about his belts. He doesn’t like them tight, but he also doesn’t like them too loose.

These belts have a ratchet system, so they always fit exactly how he wants them to fit.

belt speaker and knife on a white counter

Gadget Gifts for Men

Some of these fall under gadgets and some are more “personal items,” but I’m putting them all together for this gift guide.

Wallet for Men

I cannot remember how long Mark has had his wallet, but he shares it with every guy he knows because he loves it so much.

He says it’s super minimal, doesn’t fall apart, isn’t bulky, and makes it easy to get to his credit cards.

Pocket Knife for Men

This requires two knives to be shared. One is a lower price point, but he loves them both. He uses his knives all of the time and carries them with him always.

One winter, his truck got broken into and they stole his favorite pocket knife. He was really upset about it because he said it was such a good knife.

He likes knives that stay sharp and ones that he can replace the blades on, instead of replacing the entire knife. Just to note, he has an entire drawer at his parents’ house full of his childhood pocket knives. 😉

Phone Cover for Men

Phone covers are one of those things that you need to protect your phone, but they can be annoying if they fall apart or don’t slide into your pocket easily.

My husband has had this case for years and loves it. It is non-slip when he holds it, but it goes into his pocket easily.

Coffee Mug for Men

Mark drives a long way to work every morning and he likes to keep his coffee hot. He also likes to know that his coffee won’t slosh all over his clothes and truck.

We have spent money on several different travel mugs, but he says these are the only ones he will use.

They keep his coffee very hot and the lid doesn’t let coffee spill out while he drives.

Portable Speaker for Men

Mark hangs this speaker in our side-by-side and uses it when we go on family drives or when he and Liam are pushing snow in the winter.

It is small, waterproof, and very durable.

boots sitting in front of wood and a fire

Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Men

Socks for Men

Socks are something that every guy needs. Does he always want them? Maybe not, but he can always use some new ones. They are also fantastic at filling out the bottom of stockings, so why not?

Toothbrush for Men

Mark has this electric toothbrush for almost a decade before he finally convinced me to get one, too.

It really does clean your teeth very well and it’s gentle on your gums so that you don’t damage them.

I like that the charge lasts for a week and the toothbrush buzzes to tell you when to switch to a different part of your mouth.

Flossers for Men

Have you gotten into the flosser habit? We have these everywhere and I’m addicted to flossing my teeth now.

They are in our cars and around the house in drawers. Flossers are now part of the stocking tradition.

Razor for Men

I think Mark has had this razor since before we were married. He says it is the best at getting a clean shave without giving him razor burn.

He buys the replacement blades when he needs them, so the actual razor itself never goes bad.

books that men will enjoy reading

Book Gifts for Men

My husband isn’t much of a reader, but there are a couple of books that he recommends and enjoys.

Mornings and Evenings

This is a great book filled with a devotion for the morning and evening penned by the reformer, Charles Spurgeon.

He reads these every day and sometimes during our evening time as a family.

Live Not by Lies

This is a book that he read and really enjoyed. That is saying something because he doesn’t like reading that much, but once he started it, he couldn’t put it down.

Chart of History

This book is pretty impressive and a great tool if you are at all interested in chronological history. Even if you don’t get it for your husband or father, this is a great tool for homeschooling, as well.

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  1. This is a really good! I have added them to my list. Also my baby boy is graduating this year and some of these things will be great to get for him to have when he is off to school. And I feel like ordering for Christmas, the earlier the better! Thank you Liz!

  2. You just got me excited for Christmas I think a couple of these will be good! I’m really curious about the boots, if they will hold up for a UPS driver! Thanks for sharing.

  3. It’s never too early for gift guides! The belt looks so sleek but love the ratchet system. I’ll probably get a couple of them

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