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This is a fun gift guide that any lady would love. I collected a few simple, yet lovely items from Target to create this Target Christmas gift basket that any lady would love.

When in a pinch for a great gift idea that will be a good fit for anyone… I head to Target and search for neutral items that are useful.

I created a simple Target Christmas gift basket full of items that are neutral and classic. The thing I try to do when buying gifts for people such as teachers, employees, friends is to get something that I know they will actually use and love, not items that will collect dust.

Each of the items in this simple Christmas basket is useful and doesn’t take up much space. There are every day items, such as the hand soap and scrub brush, as well as specialty items like the basket itself and the biscuit cutters. The whole point of this sweet gift basket is to bless the person receiving it, not add clutter… and this basket does just that!

What’s in the gift basket?

Cloth Napkins/Wash rags– Simple white and red washrags, which could absolutely double as cloth napkins. I love that they serve dual purposes! Plus, they are festive for the Christmas season, yet simple enough that they can be used year ’round.

Hand Soap– This yummy hand soap feels luxurious because it comes in a simple glass jar. The glass elevates the feel of the product and I like that it can be reused.

Biscuit/Cookie Cutters– I know this seems like an odd gift idea, but these are adorable and every kitchen needs a set of cutters, in my opinion.

Scrub Brush– I have used wooden scrub brushes for years and I love them. I always gift a scrub brush to the ladies in my life.

Basket– I love that this basket is as useful as the rest of the gift itself. The simple, wire basket would be great in any home and in any room… remote holder in the living room, mail holder in the kitchen, wash rag holder in the bathroom.

Let’s Put the Gift Basket together!

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Target Christmas Gift Basket idea

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