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Simple Christmas Home Tour | Classic Decor

Walk with me as I share our simple Christmas Home Tour. As in years past, I sprinkled classic decor throughout our home. This can be a busy time of year, so I try to create a cozy home that we love enjoying during this most special time of year.

classic christmas decorations with a cottage and farmhouse vibe

Christmas is the start of a very special season. There are so many expectant things happening, but it is also the beginning of the “hunker down and cozy up” season that lasts until spring. What better way to welcome it in than with a classic Christmas?

A simple Christmas starts with the simple sights- classic reds, blues, and greens splashed about with hints of gold and silver. My main form of classic Christmas decor is garlands, both fresh and faux. The fresh brings in the real smells of Christmas, while the faux maintains its luster all month long.

classic christmas decorations with a cottage and farmhouse vibe

Ways to create a classic Christmas Decor style

A simple way to create a classic Christmas decor foundation is with cozy blankets and throw pillows. I have special pillows and blankets that only come out this time of year.

  • Cozy blankets with reds, greens, and blues
  • Throw pillows in classic Christmas colors
  • Brass figurines such as deer and trees
  • Vintage Red beaded garlands
  • Christmas tree candles- These clip onto your tree and are run by batteries with a remote
  • Fresh Garlands
  • Orange Ornaments
  • Rosemary bundles
classic christmas decorations with a cottage and farmhouse vibe

Simple Christmas touches

The best Christmas decor are those things that can, sometimes, go unnoticed, but they add so much cozy charm. Think of things, such as candles, tabletop trees, glistening ornaments, or twinkle lights.

The Christmas evenings wouldn’t be the same without candles and twinkle lights, so by all means… go crazy with these!

A simple change I make in our master bedroom to bring in the simple, classic Christmas feel is to swap out our bright, white quilt and toss on this creamy comforter and green pillows that create a coziness that only comes around one time a year.

classic christmas decorations with a cottage and farmhouse vibe

What makes a simple, classic Christmas home?

Red, Vintage Wooden Beads– You can find these at antique/thrift stores for a great price

Brass Deer– I grew up with my mom using mini rocking horses to decorate with. I consider vintage brass deer my form of the rocking horse.

Beeswax Candles– Nothing says “cozy” like a beeswax candle. You can light a regular, ol’ candle, but it is not the same as a beeswax candle. I love these, if you’re in the market for some.

Wreaths– These add a simple Christmas touch when you hang them on the doors and windows of your home. One of my favorite wreaths is this one. It looks real, is a great price point and doesn’t take away from the rest of the decor.

Blankets and Pillows– This instantly adds a sense of cozy and welcomes people to sit and stay awhile. This one is quite classic and will be enjoyed for years to come.

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classic christmas decorations with a cottage and farmhouse vibe

I sincerely hope you enjoyed this tour as much as I enjoyed creating it. Have a Merry Christmas!

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