Simple Living Gift Guide Ideas

Sometimes, it can be hard to know what to buy people because we don’t simply want to fill our homes with more “stuff.” That’s why I created this Simple Living Gift Guide full of ideas for you and your kids!

Gifts can be difficult to buy when you don’t know where to begin or what people will like.

It’s nice to have a good jumping off point and to know that someone else likes a product before purchasing.

These gifts are things we actually use and love.

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Simple Gift Ideas for Kids

For this list, I am sharing items that are tried and true in this home. There are a few items that my kids have received that I would gladly request again, if we didn’t already have it. I hope this helps you check a few gift items off of your list, or gives you ideas to give to grandma!

Instax Camera– This is a great gift for any kiddos you have to buy for. Ella got this when she was ten and has loved snapping photos. We bought her a cork board for her room and it is fun for her to pin her photos on her board. Plus, an easy gift idea for grandparents is film refills!

Lap Loom– We got this lap loom for our home about 5 years ago and it still gets pulled out and used. You can make wall hangings/tapestries and it’s a great gift for kids who like to create handmade items for other people.

Woodzeez– If you haven’t yet dove into the world of Woodzeez, you’re missing out. I don’t like having a bunch of toys around, but these things are darling and I think they might be the one toy I will pack away for grandkids. The options are endless so make sure to peek at all of the adorable animal families.

Craft Kit– I am not a mama who loves messes everywhere, but this gift has been so well loved that I am refilling the drawers for my daughter this year for Christmas. This kit comes with compartments for all of the items and that it can be easily tucked away, which I love.

Binoculars– This is something we got for our son, but all of the girls love using them, as well. This is a simple gift that can be used for so many things- hunting, wildlife watching, bird watching, pretend spy games, etc.

Walkie Talkies– Our daughter got these walkie talkies a couple of years ago so she could talk with a neighbor. The kids also enjoy playing games outside and pretending like they are on special missions together with them.

Simple Living Gift Ideas for Her

Every now and then, if I haven’t spent much time thinking about what I’m wanting, I have trouble telling people what to get me for Christmas. This simple living gift guide will, hopefully, help you to get your list started, as well! These are items that I love and enjoy throughout the year.

Seasons at the Farm– This has been one of my favorite books this year. I have it on my coffee table and I flip through it seasonally. If you need a good idea for you or someone else, this is a great book! It gets you ready for the upcoming season in such a poetic way.

Farmer’s Market Calendar– Y,all, I get asked about this calendar CONSTANTLY! I am asking for it again this year. I never tire of the beautiful images and the simplicity of it all.

Wooden Kitchen Utensils– Having wooden utensils adds a natural feel to the kitchen. Unlike metal or plastic items, they soften the space and don’t create visual clutter. I love these brushes sitting out by my kitchen sink.

Linen Apron– I got this apron last winter and it has held up so well. I have washed it and it comes out looking effortlessly wrinkled and lovely each time.

Beeswax Candle Kit– Oh, how I adore beeswax candles. I get one of these each year and the kids and I roll away during the Christmas season. These are a major hit in our home!

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I hope this Simple Living Gift Guide was helpful and enjoyable for you to peek through.

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