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DIY | Evergreen Wreaths

It’s Christmas time, and what is more festive than a REAL evergreen wreath?
Not much!  I sent my sweet hubby out into the timber to cut some evergreen twigs so I could make a few wreaths.  I also went to Lowe’s and snagged some of their clippings for free! So, if you don’t have access to “wild” trimmings, head to Lowe’s and look for the huge box of evergreen clippings in the corner of the garden section!
Okay, here we go with the simple and CHEAP tutorial.
Seriously, you should have pretty much everything on hand,
and the supplies you don’t have on hand will either be free (trimmings), or cost you mere dollars!
It was rainy and cold when I made these, so I pulled out an old sheet to set all my supplies on so my carpet didn’t get flooded with the needles and such.  
Evergreen Twigs (lots!)
Clippers, Snippers- whatever you need to trim the evergreen to your liking
Wire Hangers- or something else to use as a wreath form
Green Wire or Twine
Glue Gun
First, bend your hangers into the shape and size you want for your wreath.  I cut mine with wire cutters so I could have some larger and some slightly smaller.  I was going for a more eclectic look.
Next, grab some of your trimmings and begin to tie them onto the hangers with the wire.  
I used gloves simply because the “wild” trimmings were splintery and I didn’t want to wreck my hands while doing this project.  
If you feel like your wreaths need a little more denseness, grab a hot glue gun and glue some small pieces where you feel they need it.
I hung my wreaths up in our big picture window using a mesh ribbon.  If you don’t want your wreaths to spin and move, either nail them right against the window, or try a wired ribbon to hang them so they won’t twist.  

They look so great and I love how airy and mismatched they are.  I was so excited to do this little project because I felt like something was missing when I looked at the windows.  These little wreaths pull it all together!

Have a great Christmas season!

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