DIY | Personalized Gift Tags

I love personalizing all the gifts under the tree.
The kids get a kick out of it and I kind of like looking at the sweet faces, too.
A few years ago I made gift tags using stamps when bad lighting and brown paper was all the rage,
and this year I made personalized tags with my peep’s pictures on them.
These don’t have to be perfect.  If you are a pack-rat, I wouldn’t recommend making these, because you will just have a hard time tossing the tags once the packages have been ripped into.
I, on the other hand, will have no trouble throwing them away, since I am not sentimental like that.
I opted for the yarn/pompom look this year, but you can garnish your gifts however you want!
I just think they look prettier when they are “glammed” up a bit.
Here is what you will need:
+ Pictures of your loved ones
+Card Stock (I used filing folders for mine!)
+ Glue Stick
+Hole Punch
+Sharpie Markers
+Cute Accessories to use in the Wrapping process

1. Grab all of your supplies and get ready to make your gift tags.
I have pictures for each of my loved ones ready to go.  
2. Glue the pictures on the folders/card stock, leaving enough room to write who the gift is from.
3. Cut the tags out.  I didn’t worry about how straight it was and just free-handed them (since I am not going to keep them, remember… they will be tossed in the trash later. ;)).
I also wrote who the gifts were from at this point.  I knew that Mark and I were getting them one gift and the kids were getting each other one gift, as well, so that is how I labeled them.  You can, certainly, wait until you use them on the actual gift before you label them!
4. Hole punch each gift tag, making sure to punch far enough in that your tag doesn’t rip off.
Put them on your gifts and enjoy the personalized memories
 as you celebrate Jesus and giving this year!

Enjoy!!  Merry Christmas!

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