20 Simple Gift Ideas for Girls

Today, I’m sharing simple gift ideas for girls. I try to keep our gifts intentional and buy things that will get enjoyed for a long time. I hope this list helps you round out a few items you’re needing for a girl in your life!

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Gift giving is one of my very favorite things to do. I absolutely LOVE buying things for people and I look forward to Christmas shopping and wrapping all year long.

Not everyone feels the same way, so I wanted to share some simple gift ideas for girls. I have found that the thing that makes gift buying not fun is not knowing what to buy!

When you have an idea that you know the person will love, it’s fun and exciting to wrap and give the gifts.

More gift guides can be found in my homebody gift guide and my Black Friday gift guide.

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Young Girl Gift Ideas

Girls are the easiest to buy for, in my opinion. They tend to like anything and everything, but that doesn’t mean that everything is worth buying for them.

I like to get my kids just a couple of intentional gifts for Christmas. In the past, we have done one larger gift and then a couple of smaller gifts.

I’m going to share some ideas that have gone over well in our home and that got a lot of use throughout the years.

bookcase full of children's books
  1. Potholder Loom– These help with fine motor skills and all three of my girls have loved these. We bought one for our oldest and it lasted for both of the younger girls. Most craft stores have bags of the loops to use for these. If you get the cotton loops, you can use them for actual hot pads in your kitchen!
  2. Calico Critters– These darling little animals are much like Woodzeez, but they have more families to choose from. My kids play with animals like these all of the time and have for years and years. I don’t keep much, but these will be toys that I keep for my grandkids.
  3. American Girl Doll- I know not everyone is into these dolls and, to be honest, I wasn’t initially either. Here’s what I will say, they are well made and my girls have all played with their dolls so much. I was hesitant to spend this kind of money on a doll, but I am glad I did and now they get to play with them together. I highly recommend getting the books that go along with the doll you get for your daughter. It will make playing with the doll even more fun!
  4. New Pajamas– My girls love getting new jammies, for some reason, and I love it. Last year, I got these adorable vintage-looking pajamas and they are so soft and comfy. My girls have loved wearing them to bed and feeling like a character out of Little House on the Prairie
  5. CD Player and Cds- Each of our kiddos has their own CD player and a collection of music CDs and audiobooks. They listen to it during our quiet time and as they go to bed. It is one of the most used items our kids have.
  6. Creative Art Kit– I made an art kit for our middle daughter when she was seven and every year I get her goodies to refill it. I filled it with items for making bracelets, cards for her friends/siblings, etc. It was so fun to put together and she was thrilled with the gift when she opened it. Plus, it meant that she didn’t have to ask me for things all of the time.
  7. Sewing Kits– There are several sewing kits available. My girls got the woodland animal one and enjoyed sewing and stuffing their little creatures. They make great DIY gifts for kids to give to their friends.
  8. Sewing Machine– My mom sews and she taught me a few things. Every once in awhile, she takes my girls and teaches them how to sew something new. Having their own sewing machine set up in a corner of their room or our basement would be a wonderful gift for them.
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Tween and Teen Gift Ideas

I don’t have an older teen, so these ideas work for tweens and early teens.

We aren’t a big electronic family, either, so keep that in mind. Our kids don’t have phones, so that eliminates a lot of electronic games that we could buy them.

Because of that, we have to get creative and think outside of the box a little. It already feels like a feat to buy gifts for a tween/teen. They are at the stage where they don’t really want a bunch of little things, but they still want fun things to open on Christmas day.

I’m going to share a few ideas for your tween or teen girl to help get your mind going.

yarn in a basket
  1. Room Decor- This year, our oldest asked for decor for her room. I loved this idea because it leaves things wide open for me to get creative and surprise her. I’ll share a few ideas for her bedroom: curtains, letter board, garland, lamp, etc.
  2. Art supplies- It’s always nice to have some new notebooks and pens/pencils. I like to put these in as stocking stuffers.
  3. Bag or Backpack– Bags are a great gift idea for teens. Sometimes, by semester, their bag is already dingy. Ella has asked for a cross-body bag for Christmas.
  4. Jacket- If your teens grow as fast as mine, they end up needing new clothes so often. A new jacket is a fun gift that will be useful.
  5. Velvet scrunchies– All of my girls have an affinity for velvet scrunchies. They are pretty and don’t pull at their hair. I found this entire lot for a great price and I pull some out every now and then to freshen up their stash.
  6. Jewelry- Freshen up your girl’s jewelry with some new bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.
  7. Knitting Needles and Yarn- We love anything that gets the hands and mind moving, so knitting is a big hobby around here. Adding new yarn to their growing collection encourages them to keep going and start another project. Even if your daughter doesn’t like to knit, yarn is great for making pom-pom garlands.
  8. Camera- It doesn’t matter if it’s a good ol’ digital camera or an instax camera, girls love taking pictures. Another great addition is to give a cork board with the camera so she has a place to pin up the photos she takes.
  9. Book Series- Book series are a huge hit in our home. We love gifting books and my mom usually gives them a hefty amount for Christmas. A few good ones are: Narnia Series, Dear America series, Wingfeather Saga books, and A Life of Faith books.
  10. Perfume– This is about the time that girls want to start wearing yummy lotions and perfumes. It’s hard to find clean ones, but I did find a clean perfume that I feel pretty good about. They sell little discovery sets that have samples of the scents. They are perfect for gifting.
  11. Fun Nail Polishes– There are manicure kits that are fun and a great gift for girls. I also love tucking in some fun polishes with it. I shared a few of my favorite polish brands in my Manicure blog post.
  12. Healthy Makeup and Skincare- I only let my kids use clean makeup and skin care. It’s just something I care about. I know it isn’t everyone’s jam, but I would rather them have less makeup options in their drawer and it be clean than having a full drawer of yucky makeup. I will link a few good makeup options: Eye shadows, Glosses, Foundation, and blush.
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  1. I love all of these ideas! I was wondering if you remembered where you got the basket in the photo holding the yarn? I’m looking for something similar and really liked this one. Thank you!

  2. I think you’re reading my mind before composing these blog posts! Seriously though, these are so timely as I’m thinking of my girls for Christmas. We’re also not a big electronics family and like to buy and gift things with intentionality and quality. Your other blog posts have seen so helpful, inspiring and refreshing as well (I’ve been meaning to comment that!) Thank you SO much for the ideas!

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