Simple Christmas Morning Traditions for Families

It took several years of celebrating Christmas before we had our own traditions, but now that we do, they are all something we look forward to each and every year. I’m sharing our simple Christmas morning traditions for families today.

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When I was growing up, I spent every Christmas in Colorado. We would load up the cars and head out there to celebrate with my mom’s family.

Those were such great memories and I love thinking back on them. I’m sure my mom likes reminiscing about me asking, “Are we there yet?” a million times.

I wanted our kids to have the same thing, minus the 10 hour drive, so over the last 14 years I have been starting traditions that can last and be enjoyed year after year.

Keeping things simple is a motto of mine, so some traditions have “stuck” and some have been tossed aside for one reason or another.

Now, there are certain things that we enjoy every Christmas season, such as our Christmas cookie baking day, and they help us to squeeze the most out of the season in the best way possible.

Christmas morning traditions have been one of those things that we have tweaked over the years and I feel like we are in a sweet spot when it comes to celebrating the birth of Jesus.

stockings on a red brick fireplace with lights on the mantle

Christmas Stockings

The kids’ stockings are one of the most special keepsakes that I own.

They are handmade by my mother and I will forever cherish them.

When I was growing up, my stocking was full of things such as, toothpaste, socks, dental floss, and the like. 😂

My kids have the best stockings ever and the happen to be the best gift they receive.

Stockings the Night before Christmas

The stockings hang by the chimney until Christmas Eve and Mark and I fill them after the kids have been tucked in.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

While my stocking was always full of necessities, the kids get so much fun stuff.

Here are some fun ideas for stockings that have filled stockings in the past.

  • yo-yo, rubik’s cube, small card games, thinking putty
  • hair scrunchies, hair clips, hair bows, hair brush
  • chap stick, kleenex, toothbrush
  • reading books, book flip light, book on tape, joke book, mad libs
  • slippers or socks

Gift Guides for your family

gooey cinnamon roll on vintage plate with fork and dish towel

Christmas Eve Traditions

Christmas Eve is filled with anticipation and I just love it.

Breakfast is always cinnamon rolls. I make them for Thanksgiving morning and freeze a pan of them for Christmas Eve morning.

This in one way I prepare for Christmas ahead of time so that it is enjoyable and not stressful.

All day long, Christmas music is playing in our home and they kids are giddy with excitement. I have my apron on and putz around the kitchen all afternoon preparing for supper.

For supper, I stretch my culinary skills beyond my delicious meatloaf recipe by fixing a fancy meat.

Last year, it was prime rib, brussel sprouts, potatoes, and salad atop a table dressed in our winter china.

Later in the evening, we read our last book for advent and everyone shares their musical skills by playing a Christmas carol on either the guitar or piano.

This makes me tear up, honestly, because I feel so grateful that we get to celebrate Jesus in song together as a family.

handmade stockings on brick fireplace

Christmas Morning Traditions

Christmas morning is such a sweet time for families.

You get to set your own rhythm and enjoy the excitement on your kids’ faces.

Our Christmas morning rhythms have been established and it makes for a great morning.

The kids get thoughtful gifts, but nothing too lavish, yet they are always thrilled when they open their packages.

I wrap each child’s gifts in the same wrapping paper, for instance, Ella gets her gifts wrapped in red and white paper, Liam has gifts in plaid paper, and so on.

None of the gifts have names on them, so the kids don’t know which gifts are their until Christmas morning. On Christmas Eve, I either pop a piece of their paper in their stocking or write names on the gifts.

The kids love finding out which gifts are theirs.

Christmas Morning Tradition Timeline

  • Kids open stockings
  • Mark reads the story of Christ’s birth out of Luke
  • I make breakfast while the kids put stocking stuff away
  • Breakfast time and then everyone helps clean up breakfast
  • We open our Christmas gifts as a family
  • The kids put their gifts away and play with new toys while Mark and I chat and sip coffee
  • We clean up the house and head to our family’s homes for the rest of the day
woman cutting out biscuits on a stainless steel counter

Christmas Breakfast Traditions

Every Christmas morning I make biscuits and gravy using my favorite biscuit recipe.

They always turn out beautifully and they make breakfast on a busy morning a cinch.

Prior to Christmas, I will make all of my biscuit dough, cut out the biscuits, pop them in the freezer on a baking sheet, and then store the frozen biscuits in a ziplock until I need them.

I also brown my breakfast sausage ahead of time and store it in the fridge, along with some of the grease, so that I have less cleanup on Christmas morning.

These little preparations make all of the difference for me. They allow me to be a part of the celebration, while still having home-cooked meals.

Christmas Morning Breakfast Ideas

cranberries, oranges, and rosemary in a mason jar

Christmas Traditions with Family

You might choose to spend the entire day at home or you might be a family that travels and enjoys Christmas with extended family.

We would fall into the latter category.

A late lunch with either Mark’s family, or mine, begins the last of the Christmas festivities for us.

We alternate which family we travel to every year. It’s always something we look forward to after a great morning at home.

Other Christmas Tradition ideas

  • Christmas scavenger hunt for gifts
  • Wear matching pajamas
  • Open a new Christmas ornament
  • Have a special breakfast
  • Watch a favorite movie after gifts
  • Eat off of special Christmas plates
  • Put together a Christmas puzzle

Christmas Morning Music

  • Sovereign Grace- Prepare Him Room
  • Frank Sinatra Christmas Songs
  • Bing Crosby Christmas Songs
  • Christmas Violin

Frequently Asked Questions

What can a family do on Christmas morning?

1. Open gifts
2. Play Christmas music
3. Read the birth of Jesus story in the Bible
4. Eat a nice breakfast
5. Put a new ornament on the tree
6. Visit family
7. Watch a Christmas movie
8. Drink hot chocolate
9. Put a Christmas puzzle together
10. Sing carols at a nursing home

What is a good Christmas morning breakfast?

The best Christmas morning breakfast is one that can be made ahead. There are some delicious make ahead breakfasts that will allow you to enjoy the day, instead of be in the kitchen all morning.

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  1. Those stockings are incredible! What a treasure the kids can have for a long time. Our family has very similar traditions, and they are so special. We always do cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning, but now biscuits and gravy sound really good. Thanks for the tip!

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