Easy Gifts for the Homebody

Giving gifts is one of my favorite things to do. I look forward to buying and wrapping things for the people I love the most. Today, I’m sharing easy gifts for the homebody.

embroidery kit and a candle burning

It’s no surprise to people who know me that I love being home. I enjoy waking up early in the morning and walking on our creaky floors into the kitchen.

I flip on the fire as I pass through the living room and then fill my coffee pot if I didn’t do it the night before. Those first sips are my absolute favorite of the day.

Not only do I love my early mornings at home, but I look forward to our school days at home, also. We gather around our table to start our school days and work through our lessons until lunch time.

Then, comes our quiet time. Each kiddo goes to his, or her, space and plays quietly, rests, reads, writes, whatever they have a hankering for. This is the time when I work, fold laundry, flip through coffee table books, or prepare supper for the evening.

Once supper is over, we begin our evenings and that is also a time I look forward to. So you see, I really am a homebody. I love all things home, from creating a cozy home to simply living in a cozy home. It’s all my favorite.

This makes me so excited to share a few gift ideas in case you have a homebody in your life. 😊

coffee table books on a white coffee table with a lantern on top

Coffee Table Books

Books are always a good idea for a homebody, especially when the weather is chilly and everyone is tucked inside for the season.

I like to have cook books, simple living books, decor books, etc. setting out so people can thumb through them when they come over.

It isn’t unusual, especially in the winter, to find me curled up on the sofa looking at them for the hundredth time.

blankets piled in a wicker basket

Cozy Blankets

Cozy blankets aren’t just nice to snuggle into, but they make the space they are in lovely and inviting.

I like having a basket of blankets for people to grab and use, but draping them over chairs and sofas is another great way to bring in beauty.

Being a homebody means that I like to feel hugged by my spaces. Having layers, textures, specific colors, etc. makes being at home comforting and enjoyable.

vintage quilts folded on a dresser

Vintage Style Quilt

I started collecting vintage-style, heritage-type quilts a few years ago. I preferred that it made my room look lived in, instead of sterile and cold.

The quilts aren’t actually antique/vintage finds, but they are inspired by them.

My best finds for these quilts has been from Garnet Hill. They are so well made and I love how soft they are. The quilts truly feel like they have been used for years due to their soft fibers.

One of my favorites that is from a small company is linked below. This quilt is on our bed almost half of the year. It’s timeless.

Velvet Pillow Covers

I spotted these pillow covers a few weeks ago and have been chomping at the bit to share them. I am a sucker for velvet anything and the touch of cotton fringe makes these so feminine.

Pillow covers are a small detail that can take a room from season to season without busting the budget. I like to purchase good pillow inserts and just swap out the pillow covers as needed.

essential oil diffusers on a counter in a kitchen

Essential Oil Diffuser

If you’re someone who is home much of the time, having a good smelling home is a priority. In our home, filling the diffuser is one of the first things I do in the mornings.

I love being able to switch up the scent with each day. One of the nice things about diffusers is that they not only are pretty, but the serve a function.

They actually do purify and clean the air while making it smell like a spa or even Christmas, depending on what you diffuse.

I shared an entire blog post about which diffusers are my favorite. I will link that and a few diffusers I recommend below.

House Slippers

If you’re a homebody, then you probably wear slippers pretty much constantly. I do, anyway. I like my feet to be cozy.

I do prefer a rubber soled house shoe so that I have support while I cook and clean. The leather on the slippers I buy makes them very comfortable and if I accidentally wear them out and about (which has happened), they can pass as an actual shoe.

Chic Coffee Thermos

Brewing coffee is a daily thing in our home. I rise early to start my coffee and then sip it throughout the day.

I was chatting with a friend recently who told me about a coffee thermos that she uses to keep her coffee hot all day. She pours more into her cup as needed, but the coffee in the thermos stays nice and hot.

She can even do pour overs into the thermos and keep the coffee hot. I love the idea of having something small to hold my coffee so that I don’t have to reheat my coffee in the microwave all of the time.

beeswax candle in a lantern on a counter

Beeswax Candles

Beeswax candles will be on every gift list for a lady that I write. They are that good and worth having under the Christmas tree.

The soft glow that they put out is just too good. I have tried other candles and the ambiance isn’t the same.

wicker basket on the floor as a gift for the homebody

Wicker Laundry Basket

We all have to do laundry, so we might as well make laundry as lovely as possible.

Having wicker laundry baskets seems like a luxury. It feels like a throw back in time and I like the look of a full wicker basket much more than I like the look of a full plastic basket.

I will link a basket, but these can also be found at thrift stores.

Victrola Record Player

Music makes a home a nice place to live and work in. I grew up with a stereo + record player and my parents had a collection of records next to it.

This Victrola record player is such a fun gift idea for a homebody. There’s something so charming about a record spinning with an old vinyl on it.

The best part is that these record players are a really good price point and comes in a wide variety of colors. It would look nice in any style of home, too.

embroidery kit and coffee gifts for the homebody

Embroidery Kit

Once Christmas and New Year’s is over, there isn’t much to look forward to until spring. I always look for a few books to read or a new project to work on the pass the time.

In the Midwest, it can seem like winter drags on and on, so having something to keep you occupied is important.

A few years ago, I bought an embroidery kit. I had never embroidered before and it was so fun. It now hangs in my daughter’s room above her desk.

Everything you need comes in the kit, so you can open it and start your project.

Tea Kettle

If you aren’t a coffee drinker or you want something warm and satisfying to sip in the evening when it’s frigid outside, then tea is your best friend.

I have shared a few teas that I love and drink all winter long. Even people who don’t like tea love these teas because they are the perfect blend of sweet and spicy.

You could always microwave your water in your tea cup, but a kettle is just so nostalgic and a slow way to pour your cup of tea. Sweet and Spicy Tea. Bengal Spice tea.

pottery pie plate on a table with candles

Pie Plate

Last winter, I got a pottery pie plate that is beautiful, heavy, and handmade. It is a keepsake, for sure, and I love using it to make pies.

Most homebodies also enjoy being in the kitchen, so this is a perfect addition to their baking arsenal.

The scalloped edging makes it simple to get the pretty detailing on the edge of the crust we all want and the surface of the pottery allows the pie server to easily slip behind the crust to life the pie out.

I love this pie plate so much.

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  1. We’ve been making the bengal spice tea, adding in oat milk and a splash of maple syrup. Pour it over some ice and it’s a delicious caffeine-free iced chai!

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