Healthy Morning Routine for Moms

Early mornings are one of my favorite times of the day. There are so many reasons why I cherish those solitary hours, but one of the main reasons is that it’s in those early hours that my mind and heart are prepared for the day ahead. Today, I’m going to share my healthy morning routine for moms.

Rising early is one of the best forms of “self care” I’ve done for myself. It wasn’t always easy to get up before the house, but it has always been so worth it.

One of the reasons I love my mornings so much is because I’ve made them special and something worth looking forward to. They look slightly different depending on the time of year we are in, but no matter what, I make sure that I create a time that is cozy and inviting.

I often say that there’s a season for sleeping in as long as you can in the morning and there’s a season for weaning yourself off of those late morning slumbers.

If you’re a mama in the trenches of newbornhood, then by all means, sleep mama. Sleep.

When I had my babies, I would sleep as long as they’d let me. It wasn’t until the baby of the family had let me get six months of good sleep that I’d begin to work on waking early again.

I knew my body and my body needed that amount of time to truly rest and be rejuvenated. Being woke up by little ones every night for months on end can really take a toll on you.

So, as I share my morning routine, be sure to go easy on yourself if this is you. Or, if you’re in a difficult situation that has your sleep interrupted often.

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Healthy Morning Routine

A healthy morning routine is one that has longevity and that prepares you to tackle your day. Everyone’s idea of what this exactly entails will be different depending on life circumstances. Regardless, if it isn’t a routine that can be done consistently, then adjust it to something more realistic.

Think of this as like a new eating plan. If you are too restrictive, you won’t be able to continue the routine for long. This needs to be something that is flexible, but also doable for the long haul.

If you are a night owl, currently, then allow yourself to take baby steps towards a new morning routine. Give your body time to adjust. How to do you do this?

  • Begin by changing your routine by 15 minutes increments. Go to bed 15 minutes earlier and rise 15 minutes earlier.
  • Continue this until you have established the wake time routine you’re looking for.
  • Remember, there will be bumps in the road and you will have to be flexible, but just hop back on the bandwagon and start again.
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My Morning Routine – Waking up at 5am

During the summer, my mornings look a bit different than they do in the winter. Our evenings usually tarry on a bit longer due to the longer days and that means I sleep later in the mornings.

My goal during the summer months is to be up and at ’em by 5 am. Does this always happen? No, but that’s always my goal.

I aim to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Some people don’t need this much sleep, but I do or else I fade in the afternoons and crave a nap.

Here’s a glimpse at a typical morning routine for me:

  1. Waking up at 5 am– This is a good time to wake because it gives me several hours to myself before the house wakes. My kids’ wake up time is 7 am. If they wake earlier, they can read quietly in their beds, but they are to stay in their rooms until 7.
  2. Start my coffee– This is part of the routine that makes me look forward to every morning. I love brewing my coffee, listening to it drip, and smelling it as it fills the pot. The warmth of the fresh brew is something that I go to bed thinking about.
  3. Stroll through the garden– My coffee pot brews pretty slowly, so I usually take a stroll around the yard and look at all of the plants. I see what has blossomed since the day before and make a mental note of what needs tending to later that morning. This is also something I look forward to.
  4. Reading my Bible– The most important thing I do every morning is sit and read my bible. Sometimes, this comes easier than others. Sometimes, it’s a struggle to keep my mind disciplined as I read and not wander off. This, though, is the real reason I wake up early. It slowly snuffs out my selfishness and creates tender ground for my ministry ahead.
  5. Start Breakfast– If I am preparing breakfast in the morning (I typically make a hot breakfast several times per week. Overnight Oatmeal Bake is one of our favorites! It’s a make-ahead breakfast that everyone loves.), then I start my breakfast around 6:30. This gives me time to make fluffy pancakes or sourdough french toast before the little ones come padding down the stairs.
  6. Make Bed and Get Ready– Once I have the kids served, I go into my room and make my bed. This is a non-negotiable for me. Coming into my room later in the day and having my bed unkempt makes me fussy, so a take the 3 minutes every morning that it requires and I make my bed. If making your bed seems like a huge task, then dress your bed down. Maybe you have too many pillows or blankets on your bed and making it seems like a chore. If you have less to fuss with, the process is much more enjoyable. This is also the time when I spend 10 minutes and I pull myself together for the day. I don’t do too much, but a nice natural look makes me feel better as the day wears on.

Morning Habits for Moms

There are several morning habits that will help make your day run smoother and your mornings be less chaotic.

These habits are simple, but the can take some discipline, so don’t be discouraged if they aren’t “fun” in the beginning. Or, don’t be surprised when the newness of your morning habits wears off.

It takes weeks of consistency to form new habits, so set your goals for your mornings and start chipping away at making it happen.

  • Rising 1 hour before the family– I prefer to rise at least 2 hours before my home, but even one hour of quiet is enough to change your entire morning.
  • Wake and get up immediately– One of the things that makes this easier is to make waking up and starting your day enticing. That’s why coffee and a quiet stroll outside in my jammies is on my summer morning to-do list. Make getting up a treat and not all drudgery. This habit takes discipline and effort. Don’t allow yourself to think about how tired you are or how comfy your bed is. Just get up without thinking about it and get moving.
  • Allow yourself time– Make sure you wake early enough that you allow your body time to wake slowly. Sipping coffee for 15 minutes in the quiet can help stimulate your mind and wake you up so you can read or write, or whatever you wish to do.
  • Go to bed on time– This isn’t exactly a “morning” habit, but it directly impacts your morning routine. Make sure you give yourself an opportunity to sleep enough. Go to bed at a good time so you can have a rested body.
  • Play soft music and run a diffuser– This wasn’t listed in my routine above, but playing soft music as your kids come to the table and having a diffuser running with something yummy in it makes for a delightful morning start.
  • Make your bed– Maybe you aren’t ready to get dressed every day and put on makeup. That’s okay. The one thing that will change your day is to have your bed made. I underestimated how much impact a tidy bed had on my room and my mood. This is a habit that every homemaker should employ.
  • Decide what’s for supper– Decide what’s for supper and make sure you have meat thawed that is required for that dish. This is another small habit that makes your entire day flow better. Doing this means you won’t get to the afternoon and panic because you don’t have anything for supper. Some of our favorites are: Mini Meatloaf Recipe, Taco Bar, and Italian Sausage and Peppers. All are easy to prepare ahead and they are crowd pleasers!

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  2. You have always inspired me to rise early! This small change in my day has helped me become all around more disciplined and I cherish my mornings now… my alone time and my time with God. Thank you for sharing!

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