What is Home Management for the Homemaker

What is home management, exactly, and how does it impact the life of the homemaker? This is a question you I will be breaking down in this post.

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For centuries, homemakers had to tend to the ground, tend to the home, and tend to the hearts of those within the home.

Though life was full and the homemaker’s work was difficult, there were so many less distractions.

Homemakers were good at managing what was before them and had repetitive tasks that kept them on track.

Nowadays, there are so many distractions and so many things calling for your attention. Some of you might not even know how to be a homemaker effectively.

That is fine. You will gain some tips and understanding in this post.

Since life moves so quickly these days, home management has become even more important to ensure that you get daily tasks that keep your home running smoothly completed.

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What is Home Management

Let’s start with the basics.

What is home management?

Home management entails all of the tasks that are important when running a home.

Some tasks are done daily or weekly and others are more seasonal tasks. Regardless, each of these tasks are important and require attention to create an efficient home.

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Why is Home Management important

For the homemaker, home management is one of the most important areas of your work.

You tend to the needs and desires of those around you, but you also tend to the needs of the home in which you live.

This creates a peaceful, well-run home that doesn’t leave a bunch of tasks falling through the cracks.

Rather, the most important things are always taken care of and everyone in the home has what they need to go about their day-to-day lives.

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Benefits of a Well Managed Home

There are so many benefits of running a home well.

I’m sure you have experienced a time when you got behind on the laundry and someone didn’t have clean socks. I know I have had that happen to me… on more than one occasion.

That is never a good feeling.

Or, what about needing to fix supper, but there isn’t a sufficient amount of food in the pantry to whip up a meal. Now, you have to make a last minute trip to the grocery store.

Being unprepared is never a fun experience and having systems in place to be as prepared as possible is always a plus.

Some benefits of running a well-managed home are:

  • Appointments are written down and not missed
  • Everyone has clean clothing
  • There is food in the prepared kitchen for meals
  • You can find things you need because they are put away in the correct place
  • Bills are paid on time, so their aren’t additional fees
  • You aren’t frazzled with bumps in the road because you are prepared
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Meal planning for beginners made simple.

Homemaker’s Traditional Skills

Getting back to the basics creates a good foundation for you to start forming good home management habits.

There are a lot of things vying for your attention, so sticking with the nuts and bolts of homemaking will keep your mind focused.

Some of the traditional homemaking tasks that have proven to be crucial over generations are:

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Homemaker Routines and Systems

One of the great things about being a homemaker is that you are your own boss.

Look around and see what needs to be tended to. How can you best do that? What requires daily attention and what can wait?

As life shifts, so will your homemaker routines so be ready to shift with it.

For most ladies of the house, there will be things you focus on from day to day and other things you will only occasionally put your hand to.

Regular Homemaker Tasks

  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Stocking the home

Other Homemaker Tasks

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How to be an Effective Homemaker

Every homemaker needs systems in place, or some organization, to be an effective homemaker.

Do you thrive off of a paper planner that is completely customizable?

You might like to invest in a simple homemaker’s planner so you can have everything you need in one place.

One thing is for sure, you need a system or rhythm for your home.

Possible Homemaker Systems

  • Cleaning routine system- daily, weekly, and seasonal routines
  • Grocery and meal planning system
  • Bill paying day
  • Yard work day- When to plant, prune, fertilize, and prepare the landscaping for winter
  • Laundry system
  • Holiday system- I shared how I prepare for Christmas in a blog post. This system helps me so much and I do something similar for other holidays.
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Simple Tips for Home Management

Managing anything can feel overwhelming, but don’t let that stop you.

Once you get things in place, it is like a well-oiled machine.

You will see how having good home management will lead to a peaceful environment you and your family can enjoy more fully.

  • Declutter and purge anything you don’t use or need
  • Create a flow in your home that makes it work for your life– Move things in the kitchen so you can utilize them better. Put cleaning items in rooms where they will be needed or put them all in the same spot so you can get them quickly.
  • Decide what’s most important and let the other things go- Be flexible and decide what those areas are that will be most worth your time. No homemaker will be able to “do it all,” so decide what’s most important.
  • Develop a routine so things don’t fall through the cracks- This has helped me numerous times because I don’t remember everything and sometimes I don’t write things down. Having a routine means I am, somewhat, prepared for anything. This includes making an impromptu meal or having to run to an appointment I forgot to jot down.
  • Delegate where you can- Give some responsibility to your family, especially your kids. Allow them to come alongside you and help you. Not only does it take some work off of your plate, but it teaches them how to run a home well.
  • Have a Vision– I don’t mean a dream board, or something, but have in your mind how you would ideally like your home to function. Make small, incremental changes towards that goal.
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Home Management Resources

Below you will find some helpful home management resources that will help you get off on the right foot.

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  1. This may be a silly question, but do you have any tips for a working mom? I’m a nurse and thankfully right now I have semi-normal hours (0730-500pm). I love all of your tips and recipes, but am wondering if I can make any of this doable for me until I am able to move up or on from my current position. Thank you for this blog!! I’m so glad that I found it.

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