Top Tips for Simple House Cleaning

Cleaning a home can feel like a daunting task. I am going to share with you my top tips for simple house cleaning!

5 simple tips for cleaning a house

I get asked quite often about how I keep my home tidy and how I clean the entire space with four kids under foot.

Obviously, this is easier done in certain seasons of life, but I have a few tried-and-true tips for simple house cleaning that I want to share with you today.

Maybe you’re someone who isn’t sure where to even begin. Maybe you’re not sure how to manage your home as a homemaker or how to get a good homemaker laundry routine going.

No matter where you are beginning your homemaker journey, all you need are simple cleaning routines to help you stay on top of things.

Whether you are working your way through organizing your kid’s seasonal clothing or trying to figure out how to meal plan, these tips will help you to have more time for the fun things.

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Tip 1 for Simple House Cleaning- Be Efficient

I dedicated an entire post to being an efficient homemaker that so many of you loved.

Doing small tasks every day makes the “big clean” so much easier and less frustrating.

If you are an efficient homemaker on a daily basis, then the house will already be somewhat tidy.

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Tip 2 for Simple House Cleaning- Top to Bottom

In my eCourse, Clean and Simple, I shared how I was taught to clean top to bottom.

Cleaning this way keeps you from wiping dust on a lower surface that was already cleaned.

There’s not much more frustrating than cleaning a surface only to have to clean it again because you wiped more dust/dirt on it.

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Tip 3 for Simple House Cleaning- Clean to Dirty

I remember talking to a friend one day about her frustrations with cleaning.

One thing she mentioned was that she went through so many cleaning rags. I asked her if she cleaned from “clean to dirty” and she hadn’t been.

When you start with the clean surfaces and work your way to the dirtier surfaces, you go through less rags and it is a more efficient process.

Consider washing dishes, you would never wash a pan covered in grease and then wash the dinner plates and silverware.

You would, rather, start with the cleaner dishes and work your way to the dirtier ones. Cleaning a home is the same process.

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Tip 4- Train Your Kids

Training your kids, if you have any, can be a lifesaver when it comes to cleaning a home.

I have said this before and I will reiterate it here, my kids help me out a lot. Not a day goes by that I am sorry for the hours I spent training them to help me.

A simple way to train your kids is by simply having them clear the table after supper. Little kids can help with throwing away the napkins and bringing the small dishes to the kitchen sink.

Another simple way to train your kids to help is by having them assist you with folding laundry.

Have them sort the undies and socks and work your way up to the other clothes from there. The biggest way to train your kiddo is to teach them the importance of picking up after themselves.

My, oh my, how this helps a mama out!

spray bottle on wooden table with pink rag

Tip 5- Keep it Simple

You may not agree with me on this tip, but I am going to share it nonetheless.

Keeping cleaning supplies pared down and simple is essential for simple house cleaning.

I have one spray bottle of a concentrated cleaner that I can use to clean every surface in my home- from the mirrors to the floors.

Microfiber rags paired with my spray is all I need to clean my entire home.

In a pinch, I do have some Thieves wipes for my bathrooms so I can quickly wipe them down during the rest of the week, if needed.

Those wipes also make it simple and easy to have a child wipe the bathrooms down, too!

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  1. I’d love to see what school supplies you have and how many toys. Your kids rooms look so clear and not much in them. Same for where you homeschool. I bought your e course but still feel like I’m drowning. HVing 6 months old twins and 4 others, homeschooling, and my husband works 2 jobs I know is a lot but I want time to play with my kids and my house to feel enjoyable and have time to get to painting snd hanging family pictures and doing a garden. And feeling peaceful and calm

    1. May I give you a bit of encouragement??? You’re doing great. You are in a very full season of life. Be gentle with yourself. The Lord knows your frame and He knows your limitations. Simply do your best and be a good steward of your resources and time. It will get easier.

    2. Lauren! I know this is late and you may not see it, but one of the most practical things that has helped me “not drown” is to honestly declutter as much as possible. Seriously, we are down to one set of sheets for each bed, etc! Having less “inventory” to manage is so freeing and our home is more peaceful. “The Minimal Mom” on YouTube has been life-changing for me. Wish you all the best!!

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