Simple Ways to make your Christmas Bedroom Decor Cozy

Today, I’m sharing simple ways to make your Christmas bedroom decor cozy and festive. Our bedrooms are, usually, the first rooms I decorate when it’s time to get the house decked out for Christmas and today I’m sharing a few things I do to create a festive space.

white bedroom with a pitched roofline

If there is one holiday I can’t get enough of, it is Christmas. The meaning for celebrating, the music, the twinkle lights, and the scents make it so special.

Our bedrooms are the first areas I decorate. We throw on some music, put some yummy smells in our favorite essential oil diffusers, and deck the bedrooms for Christmas.

One reason I start in our rooms is because it takes me a bit to get my head wrapped around how I want things to look.

Bedrooms are pretty simple to deck out because there are a few key elements that take them into the Christmas season and it doesn’t take much brainwork to put those things in place.

I like classic Christmas decor in our home and I add to it yearly, so sometimes I forget where things go. The bedrooms remain the same from year to year, so it makes adding Christmas bedroom decor a bit easier.

Before we get started with the Christmas room decor updates, be sure to check out last year’s Classic Christmas Home tour and my tips for how to Prepare for Christmas so you can enjoy the holiday.

master bed with red and white garnet hill bedding on it

Simple Christmas Bedroom

The time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is always a busy time of the year.

One of the best tips for creating a simple Christmas bedroom is to make sure your room is still functional.

If you’re like me, your house get decorated in early November, so you don’t want to be annoyed by your Christmas decor before Christmas even gets here.

There are several simple ways you can bring cheer to your bedroom without cluttering it into oblivion.

Create a room that you want to wake up to and also a room that will allow you to rest when it’s time.

a child' room decorated for Christmas with a winter scene on the wall

Christmas Room Decor that is Cozy

I’m all about having a cozy minimalist bedroom and that doesn’t change at Christmastime.

Cozy requires a few simple changes to what you already have to elevate it a notch.

When it’s cold outside and snowy, we want to feel warmth when we walk into our rooms.

bedroom decorated for christmas

Christmas Bedroom Bedding

The easiest way to take your room from fall into Christmas is with the bedding.

The best part about bedding is that it doesn’t take up any more space or add unwanted clutter to your room. All it does is add a festive touch that is welcomed during the holiday season.

Throw Pillows

Depending on your budget, you can add simple throw pillows to your existing bedding.

I prefer to buy high quality pillow covers and down pillow inserts so that I can easily switch out pillow covers with the seasons.

Another great thing about pillow covers is that they store so easily when you aren’t using them.

knit pillow with christmas trees on it

Christmas Flannel Sheets

If you want to take it a step further, switch out your cotton sheets for some Christmas flannel sheets.

Having cozy, Christmas sheets has been such a treat and I wish I would’ve made the leap sooner.

I will link my favorite flannel sheets below. Be sure, if you have it within your budget, that you get high quality sheets.

They will last for years and years since they are only slept on for a short time. It is such a treat to pull them out and every year.

garnet hill gondola blanket on a child's bed

Christmas Quilt or Blankets

If you really want to take it to the next level, grab a quilt or throw blanket to bring in the Christmas vibe.

This is just one more reason that I love decorating with a classic, Christmas palette. I can splurge on items, like bedding, and use it for decades because I keep it classic.

Christmas bedding is my top tip for staging Christmas room decor because it makes a huge statement and doesn’t add too much noise to your space.

All of our Christmas bedding is from Garnet Hill, but I’ve seen the most beautiful Christmas quilts from Pottery Barn this year. They use classic colors and patterns that I find so charming.

If you need ideas for classic color palettes to use in your room, think of these combinations:

  • Red and Green
  • Blues and Silvers
  • Metallics
flameless candles on a nightstand glowing

Christmas Lights in a Bedroom

Flameless Candles

Lighting instantly ups the cozy level in any room, but especially in a room like the bedroom.

You already have the warm linens and throw pillows on the bed, so adding in lighting makes everything else feel even more magical.

One of the best ways to bring in Christmas lights is with flameless candles.

You can turn them on and they add a romantic ambiance without you having to worry about an actual flame going while you’re not in the room.

Stacking the candles on a dresser or in a corner on the floor brings some instant cozy into your Christmas bedroom.

white snowbird with faux greens on a dresser

Twinkle Lights

Don’t forget about dainty twinkle lights to add some glitter to the room.

The best part about twinkle lights is that they don’t add a ton of light to the room, but rather some sparkle to the areas they are in.

Twinkle lights work great because they can be strung around a headboard or scattered on a nightstand to get a cozy glow.

antique wooden chair in a corner of a bedroom with a red blanket

Christmas Plaid Throw Blanket

There is little else that is as classic as a Christmas plaid throw blanket.

If you’re search for Christmas decorations for a bedroom, don’t forget about a classic throw blanket.

Make sure it is a flexible throw that will easily drape at the foot of your bed so that it looks casual and cozy.

red and white garnet hill bedding on a white bed

Christmas Bedroom Decor that brings the outside in

When you’re thinking about your Christmas bedroom, be sure to remember simple touches that bring the outside in!

I have bounced between using real greenery versus faux greenery and have some big feelings about both, but in the Christmas bedroom, we’ve settled on faux greenery.

flannel sheets and faux anthro garland over a bed

Garland over Your Bed

Add a beautiful garland to your head board or foot board. This is a simple touch that looks whimsical and charming.

Using garland on your bed takes your festive bedding and ups the ante. Your bedding already looks festive, but the greenery makes it even more so.

Christmas Wreaths

If you have beautiful windows in your bedroom, add a simple evergreen wreath to each of them, or hang a wreath over your bed on the wall.

You could even hang a wreath at the foot of the bed, if you have a foot board.

gray velvet pillow on a wooden chair

Mini Tree or Faux Arrangement

Mini Trees have been one of the best Christmas decor additions, if you ask me.

They look fabulous placed anywhere and take up very little space. Add one to your night stand or side table.

If you have some faux green stems or an evergreen in your yard, snip some and make a pretty arrangement for your room.

Pine Cones

Pine cones not only signal Christmas, but winter in general.

A bowl of pine cones with some berries sprinkled in amongst them makes a charming and festive touch to a dresser. Not to mention, it keeps things earthy and masculine for the gentlemen.

white bed with a red christmas throw pillow

Christmas Decorations for a Bedroom that add Charm

There are those decor items that instantly come to mind when putting together your Christmas decorations for your bedroom, but don’t forget other little baubles that can add charm.

velvet ribbon tied in a bow on a sconce

Velvet Ribbon

Velvet ribbon, especially the vintage kind with a frayed edging, adds the most festive and luxurious touch to a space.

If you have sconces flanking your bed, add a velvet ribbon, tied in a bow, to the fixture.

Use a velvet ribbon to tie back your bedroom curtains.

Tie a velvet ribbon to your top drawer handles on your nightstands or dresser.

You can even use velvet on the corners of your bed to add some drama.

Stacked books

If you have any special Christmas books, or vintage books that bare the colors of Christmas, stack them in the corner or on your nightstand.

The rustic and vintage charm creates a lived in feeling that is quite welcoming and cozy.

Christmas artwork with lights

Christmas Artwork

Do you have framed art in your bedroom? Print off some new artwork and add it to your frame.

This is an inexpensive switch that brings intentionality to the space without bringing clutter.

Christmas Tree

If you have a corner of your room that you can put up a simple tree in, do it.

The twinkle lights from an understated tree will add a powerful punch to the space.

You could drape the tree in a simple dried orange garland, handmade salt dough ornaments, or hang dried orange ornaments on it to keep it simple natural.

Stacks of Wood

A simple touch, such as a stack of wood laid under a chair in the corner makes an understated touch.

Wood not only adds a layer to your Christmas scene, but it can be rolled into winter once Christmas is over.

cedar garland from anthro on a head board

Festive Curtains or Drapes

I know, I know… this is getting a bit extreme, but there are some beautifully done holiday curtains that can add so much charm.

A simple stripe or plaid drape that pairs with the bedding could be all you need to make your room feel like Christmastime has arrived.

I don’t change mine out, simply because I think the ivory curtains create a warmth, but I have tossed around the idea of getting some.

all is calm all is bright printable

Enjoy your Christmas Bedroom

I hope these simple ideas help inspire some festiveness in your own bedroom.

The best decor is that which doesn’t get old. Add simple touches here and there to make it feel special, but don’t add so much that it feels overwhelming.

There is a “just right” when it comes to decorating and it takes time to figure out what that is for each person.

While you look for the perfect Christmas room decor, print off this free printable and enjoy it in your home this season.

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  1. Love your decor ideas… simple, cozy and so inviting! Thank you for the sharing ideas that are easy to implement in my own home. Blessings!

      1. Ok I’m so new to this! Lol! So if this showed up on the comments does that mean it’s me since I was able to comment? Lol…I feel like a little kid.

  2. The coziness of each bedroom is so calming, and makes me want to cuddle up! Every little detail just adds a bit of tender sweet Christmas cheer to the whole cozy theme, I just love it all. I especially love those cute Christmas birdies! My husband and I buy a pair at Walmart each year and place them on our window sill !

  3. I always want the people I love to get a warm, glowy feeling walking into rooms in my home. A feeling that makes them want to settle in a stay awhile. The cozy touches in your home definitely give me that feeling. Merry Christmas, Liz!

  4. I love the simplicity but beauty of this! The Garnet Hill bedding is also just gorgeous. Hoping to invest in some down the road for our family to enjoy for years to come. Thank you for sharing!

  5. I love your daughters bedroom!! Little touches can make such a big transformation of a space and a great way to transition a space into Christmas!

  6. So inspirational! Thank you, Liz. I love how all your tips are so “realistic”- they don’t take tons of time or money! You make homemaking so lovely, and I love following you and getting fresh ideas.

  7. You’ve inspired me!!! I was up way too early this morning and decided to do some Christmas shopping for the bedrooms! My girls will love having fun sheets for Christmastime and winter! So fun to change things up.

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    Also your quilt on your bed is Love the way you decorate your home!

  9. Such a lovely job of making your home feel warm and cozy! I love the Christmas quilts and the idea of bringing the outdoors in.

  10. I love your simple, elegant classic style. Keeping it minimal makes a huge difference, without being overwhelming. I think I may just a see how I can make some simple classic additions. Beautiful!

  11. I’ve been following your blog and Instagram for quite some time! I’m glad you’re posting more blogs now as I don’t do Instagram as much. You are such an encouragement to a fellow homeschool mama here in Oregon!

  12. I’ve never really decorated any of our bedrooms for Christmas before because the thought of more decorating seems daunting to me, but the way you have explained each tip makes it seem more manageable and less overwhelming in my mind. At the very least, I want to incorporate a dried orange garland and maybe a throw blanket. I’m sure my kids will love it and it will be fun for all of us to make each room a little more special for the season. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I’ve never decorated bedrooms for any season except hot & cold but I do agree whole heartedly that traditional & minimal is better for any seasonal decorating. Thank you for always being true to your convictions & being a place of peace on this platform.

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