Simple Brown Sugar Body Scrub with Avocado Oil

If you are in a pinch for a great gift idea, this post will give you everything you need to learn how to make this simple, homemade brown sugar body scrub. Not only is it a great handmade gift, but it’s also wonderful to help keep that winter skin happy!

a clear bowl of sugar body scrub

Every Christmas, my oldest daughter looks at me and asks me what we are making for everyone for Christmas. 

She loves crafting and making things for everyone in our family and friend circle.  I have to admit, handing out handmade gifts does feel special.

Since I’m not much of a DIYer, I have to find simple crafts that people will love. Often times, I end up recommending a DIY that we use in our own home that we love.

This homemade brown sugar body scrub is one of those things. 

Every winter, I whip up a batch of this scrub to help our skin stay hydrated and exfoliated during the dry, cold winters.

a mason jar with sugar scrub and a wooden spoon

Why you’ll love this Homemade Sugar Scrub

You’ll love how easy this homemade sugar scrub comes together and how cheap it is!

You will only need a few basic ingredients and I bet you can whip up a batch for yourself with things in your kitchen pantry right now!

Homemade sugar scrubs are versatile and allow you to customize them depending on what you’re making it for.  

ingredients on a white table for sugar scrub

Ingredients for this DIY Sugar Scrub

  • Brown Sugar– I prefer brown sugar, but use what you have on hand
  • Avocado Oil– This is my preferred oil of choice, but you may also use any skin friendly oil, such as jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, or extra virgin olive oil.
  • Cinnamon Essential Oil or Ground Cinnamon– Create this DIY sugar scrub to meet your needs, but for this recipe we are using ground cinnamon to compliment the Christmas season.
pouring avocado oil into brown sugar

DIY Brown Sugar Body Scrub in 4 Simple Steps

  1. Combine brown sugar and avocado oil in a large mixing bowl until the sugar is thoroughly moistened by the avocado oil.
  2. Add in your drops of essential oil or your ground cinnamon. Mix well.
  3. Divine your brown sugar scrub into jars with lids
a hand feeling brown sugar body scrub

How long does a sugar body scrub last?

Is forever stretching it? Your sugar body scrub will last for a very long time.

Everything you use in your scrub is shelf stable, so nothing will go rancid.

I, typically, make a huge batch of sugar scrub and use it all winter long.

a fork mixing brown sugar and cinnamon

Is brown sugar good for body scrub?

Yes, it is! You can use whatever sugar you have on hand, but brown sugar works so well because it isn’t course, so it’s gentle enough to use on your face.

This provides a gentle exfoliation without being too rough.

What does this Sugar Body Scrub do?

A sugar body scrub uses simple ingredients to gently exfoliate and smooth out your skin while adding moisture back in.

This is a great scrub to use prior to shaving or if you are experiencing extra dry skin during the winter months.

It is gentle but effective.

  • Heels- Sugar scrubs are great at smoothing out rough heels that are dry and cracked
  • Legs- Use on your legs to eliminate dry, flaky skin
  • Elbows- If you struggle with ultra dry elbows, using a scrub can help
  • Hands- Massage the scrub on your hands during the winter months
1 teaspoon of cinnamon being pouring into a bowl

What sugar is best for using in a Sugar Scrub?

You can use whatever you have on hand, but each will provide a different level of exfoliation.

If you have sensitive skin or you plan on using it on your face, I’d stick with a brown sugar scrub.

A scrub made with pure cane sugar (your typical white sugar) works well and is slightly more coarse than the brown sugar scrub. You can still use this 2-3 times per week.

If you are looking for deep exfoliation, a sugar such as turbinado will give you the most benefit. It is in its rawest form and, therefore, quite coarse. This is not recommended for the face, but works fine on the body.

a bottle of avocado oil

What is the best oil to use in a Sugar Body Scrub?

Cold-pressed, organic oils are best for body scrubs.

Cold-pressed oils aren’t refined and maintain almost all of their health benefits. Refined oils lose most of their benefits when they are heated.

You will want to choose an oil that has anti-inflammatory properties and that is full of vitamin E so your skin is left smooth and hydrated.

Some of these oils include:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Almond Oil

How often can you use a sugar scrub?

The best practice for using a sugar scrub is to exfoliate 2-3 times per week.

If you have sensitive skin, stick with 2 times per week and use the brown sugar scrub.

Your skin might be tougher and be able to handle a scrub 3 times per week.

Don’t over exfoliate. Stick with no more than 3 times per week.

a jar of body scrub with a gift tag

DIY Sugar Scrub Scent Recipes you’ll love

  • Calming Sugar Scrub– Mix 15 drops of lavender essential oil with your brown sugar scrub to get a relaxing and calming scrub
  • Invigorating Sugar Scrub– Add drops of lime essential oil to help wake you up in the mornings.
  • Stress Relief Sugar Scrub– By adding Stress Away or another vanilla-scented essential oil to your brown sugar scrub, you will have a soothing scrub.
  • Candy Cane Sugar Scrub– You guessed it, a few drops of peppermint oil is enough to add a tingle and yummy smell to this scrub. This is wonderful to use on a sore back or muscles.
  • Fresh Sugar Scrub– Pairing Orange, Tangerine, and Grapefruit oils creates an uplifting scrub. Use 10 drops of each.
supplies needed to gift brown sugar body scrub

Supplies needed for gifting your sugar body scrub

I showed you how to make the body scrub, now let’s package it so that whoever you’re gifting it to feels ultra special.

You will only need a few things to make this scrub festive.

  • Small mason jars, or other jars, with a tight fitting lid
  • Fun, festive label
  • Ribbon or twine to finish off the gift

Brown Sugar Body Scrub

If you are in a pinch for a great gift idea, this post will give you everything you need to learn how to make this simple, homemade brown sugar body scrub. Not only is it a great handmade gift, but it's also wonderful to help keep that winter skin happy!
Prep Time2 minutes
Active Time5 minutes
0 minutes
Total Time7 minutes
Course: Appetizer
Cuisine: French
Keyword: brown sugar body scrub
Yield: 2 jars
Author: Liz Quick
Cost: $5


  • medium mixing bowl
  • 4 oz mason jars


  • 2 4 ounce mason jars with lids
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 3 to 4 tablespoons avocado oil


  • In a small mixing bowl, combine the brown sugar and ground cinnamon. Mix until well combined.
  • Add in 1 tablespoon of avocado oil at a time until the mixture is well coated in avocado oil, but still crumbly. 3 tablespoons are usually the perfect amount. You might need a tad more, though.
  • Spoon the brown sugar scrub into two 4 ounce mason jars.
  • Use the scrub 2-3 times per week to help your skin stay smooth and hydrated!

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  1. Made this brown sugar scrub as gifts for Christmas this year, and added in peppermint essential oil! Such an easy and useful gift idea! Thanks so much for sharing this recipe! Will definitely make this again!

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