How to put together a Winter Capsule Wardrobe

A winter capsule wardrobe focuses on coziness and warmth as we head into the coldest season of the year. I’m sharing some simple things to think about as you begin to think about your winter clothing.

homemaker in a black body suit

Winter can be brutal here in the Midwest. I tend to get cold, regardless, so having cozy clothing is a big deal when it comes to my winter wardrobe.

Being choosy is always a good bet when planning winter clothing because jeans, sweaters, and other winter items tend to take up more space. The room in our drawers and closets runs low when we are stuffing thick clothing into them.

While winter can drag on where we live, I do love winter clothing a lot.

Winter is the one time when I can get dressed for the day in the morning and not feel tempted to change by the afternoon.

It is freezing in the morning and freezing in the evening, so wearing layers and cozy knits all day long is required.

The other times of the year, the temperature can fluctuate so much that it is hard to know exactly which temperature to dress for.

Today, I’m also sharing my winter skincare at the end. I shared my fall jewelry in my simple fall capsule wardrobe and this season I want to share skincare. I’ll share more on why later on.

Let’s hop into this winter capsule wardrobe.

cream sweater with holes in it

What is a capsule?

The whole point of a capsule wardrobe is to have pieces that you love and can wear without much thought.  

It’s about combining and mixing and matching pieces in fun, unique ways. 

You can make your capsule as big as you’d like, but keeping things pared down to those items you love is what makes a capsule work.

I like to have 10 tops, 4 bottoms, a couple of dresses, and a coat for winter. I take those items and pair them together throughout the season to create new looks.

All of the items in my capsule are pieces that I feel really good in. They fit me well. I don’t feel self-conscious in them and they work for so many occasions.

blue sweatshirt with flutter sleeves

What to look for in at Winter Capsule Wardrobe

With a winter comes a wardrobe full of sweaters, chic turtlenecks, and cozy outerwear.

Some people run hot and don’t like heavy clothing, but I tend to run cold, so I like to wear warm clothes.

When winter rolls around, even if we are someplace with a furnace on, the blowing air feels cold to me.

This means that I like tops with a bit of a neck to help keep the draft from giving me a chill.

Capsules tend to be a bit larger during the winter since it requires outerwear that isn’t necessary the other seasons.

For you, think about what makes sense as you move throughout your days. Plan your wardrobe so that you feel good and are comfortable.

sperry boots and dark blue denim jeans

5 Winter Capsule Minimalist Wardrobe Staples

  1. Versatile Boot– If you are in a place that gets snow, like me, you will want to make sure the boots can hold up with snow and slush. I have had my boots for years. I love them for so many reasons, but the fact that they have lasted for so long, have a very comfortable sole, and keep my feet dry are just three of them. I will link a similar pair below.
dark denim jeans and a black body suit
  1. Good Denim– Winter isn’t the best time to be wearing ripped jeans. It gets downright cold here, so I like to save my distressed denim for warmer months and reserve darker, black, gray denim for the winter months. I try to make sure I have four pairs of good denim for each season. This allows me to have two nice pairs for church and two pairs to wear daily.
  2. Chic Sweaters– Do you tend to dress pretty casual during the week and only dress up for church, or other special occasions? Or, are you like me and enjoy wearing your nice clothes even just to putz around your house? Every fall I add a sweater to my sweater collection. I look for high quality knits that will hold their shape and condition if treated well. Wool can be itchy, but if you layer a thin, long sleeved top underneath you can stay warm and not have the itch.
  3. Modern Turtlenecks– There are a lot of turtlenecks on the market that are chic and great to wear for winter. I loved ribbed turtlenecks because they keep my neck warm and eliminate the need for a scarf when going out.
  4. Dresses– Wearing dresses in the winter can be unexpected and is evidence that you care about how you present yourself because there aren’t many who wear dresses during the winter due to the cold and wet conditions. Look for dresses that have long sleeves and are, at least, mid-calf in length. I will share the best way to get by with wearing dresses in the winter without freezing down below.

long grey dress with leggings and boots

What clothing to pair together for a Minimalist Wardrobe

Grab some of your winter clothing and let’s put together some chic pairings for the homemaker.

  • Turtlenecks and a Blazer– Blazers are one of those staples that work with every season, in one way or another. If you need a little extra coverage or warmth, toss a blazer over your turtleneck.
  • Denim and Sweaters– The main tip for making a sweater not look frumpy with denim is to pair the outfit with the proper shoe and to master the perfect tuck for each sweater. I love the off-center front tuck for almost all of my tops. Some people tie a knot in the back of the sweater and tuck the entire tail of the sweater under so it looks tucked in.
  • Dresses and Sweaters– Most of the dresses you will wear in the winter will be long-sleeved, so tie a sweater or cardigan around your waist to add a defined waistline and give a casual feel to the dress you’re wearing. If you don’t want it to look casual, put a simple belt around your waste to elevate the look.
green polkadot dress with black leggings

How to make winter dresses work for you in the winter

Winter dresses are a great staple to have in your wardrobe. I didn’t used to be a “dress gal” at all, but after wearing them they are what I prefer on most days.

You can find great winter dresses anywhere and at any price point.

The easiest way to make a dress work for you in the winter is to wear tights with them. Depending on your weather, fleece-lined tights are perfect for keeping you warm.

Pair your dress and tights with some boots and you are set!

gold velvet top with black leggings

Winter Skincare for Homemakers

Last season, I shared my favorite jewelry with my fall capsule. Today, I am sharing my favorite winter skincare.

You might be wondering what skincare has to do with a winter capsule, but I think it has a lot to do with how we present ourselves.

I shared an entire blog post about how I treated my acne naturally. Having clear, glowy skin makes you feel more pulled together.

I think it is always important to start with nourishing our skin and treating it well so that it can stay healthy or heal, if it needs to.

chunky green knit sweater with brown buttons

Beautycounter Countertime

This is my go-to for winter skincare. I have used other skincare brands for seasons where my skin doesn’t struggle, but winter isn’t one of those seasons.

I need my skin to stay moisturized or it’ll be acne prone, flaky, and not smooth at all.

These are the only products that have achieved that for me.

Supreme Cream

The Supreme Cream is the night cream that is thick and nourishing. I never wake up with a dry, tight face and it doesn’t make me break out.

You get a huge jar of the cream and I use the tiniest bit to cover my face. It’ll last all winter.

homemaker standing in front of a white wall

Soft Cream

This day cream is a dream for preparing the skin for makeup. It isn’t greasy, but holds in the moisture during the day.

It also keeps yucky things that age you from the environment from impacting your skin.

I didn’t used to care about this, but what your mama says about things changing in your mid-30’s is right. Take care of your skin now! 😂

black body suit with blue finger nails and dark denim jeans

Overnight Resurfacing Peel

True story. This product was a freebie the very first time I purchased a Flawless in Five kit. This product was the one that pushed me over the edge to try the makeup kit.

I was sold within a month of using it. It lasts forever because you don’t use it daily.

This helps the health of your skin, reduces scarring and blemishes, creates a glow, and is worth every penny.

how to style a winter capsule wardrobe

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