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Every gal needs a go-to, quick eye routine for those busy days.  When I need to look pulled together, but don’t have a lot of time, I always go for a natural and subtle look.  Over a year ago I switched all of my makeup to a natural, organic, vegan makeup line.  They have omitted a lot of chemicals and maintain an amazing product.  I threw out all of my makeup and only have the Root brand in my makeup drawer (except for a few makeup brushes, but I am in the process of overhauling those, too.).

These are the color products that I use for my natural eye look.  I currently use Pearl Powder (shade 1) for my eyeshadow base color, but I am about to get Shell and that will replace the pearl powder.  The All Day Pretty Gel liner is amazing.  It is super creamy and easy to work with, but when it dries… it dries!  You won’t have smudging with this product.  I never put on makeup without paying attention to my brows.  If you are apprehensive about using a brow product, try the Root brow powders.  They are very natural and super easy to work with.  I also use this product to contour my nose (I know… very versatile!). Tan Rose is a very natural gold/peach/pinky shade that would work for all complexions.  I have to force myself to NOT use it every single time I do my makeup.  I love it so much!  
All the other products can be found on Root’s website.  I highly recommend the fluffy shadow brushes and the 100% Lash Mascara.  They are so lovely to work with.  
Okay, now onto the tutorial.  The resolution isn’t the greatest, so bear with me as I work on upping my videoing skills.  I will be trying to improve upon that for future videos.  Enjoy!

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  1. Loved seeing your vlog of how you apply your eye products! Thanks for being brave enough to share that process with us. I also love the bent brush…I hate getting long wearing eyeliner on my eyelashes accidentally then have to scrape it off before putting on mascara. I saw your post over at the Link Party Palooza.

  2. I haven't bought the primer yet, but I plan to! I hear amazing things about the Root primer. I just use the pearl powder to help make my lid all the same color before I apply the pigmented shadows. 🙂

  3. Loved the video! I am thinking I need different eye shadow brushes. I have a bare minerals one that I have used and liked forever, but it seems like a thicker coat instead of looking more natural and then it creases a lot within an hour or two, even when I use primer. I am curious why you prefer to use the pearl powder instead of primer on your eye lids?

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