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Last week, I shared a tutorial on how I made the Giraffe Canvas in our nursery.
  We love it and always get tons of compliments on it from visitors.
I was going for an airy, eclectic nursery for Guinnyth, and two years later, I am still loving it for Julia.  I have swapped out Guinnyth’s and Julia’s newborn pictures, but I still need to change all of the “Gs” for “Js!”  I am kind of thinking I can pretend like the “Gs” really stand for “giraffe” instead of “Guinnyth” so I don’t have to change anything!
Anyway, here are a few more snapshots of the rest of the nursery.
It is simple and can grow with Julia as she gets older.  It is white with a soft green stripe at the top. Simple.

There are a few pieces that sit on the floor.  The horse, duck, and pouf are used daily by the kids.
They tend to play in the nursery a lot since it is on the main level.  I also keep my baby blanket in this room.  It is soft and “vintage” and means a lot to me.  That is hanging on the crib, but I also hang it on the back of the glider.

I made the scrapbook mobile before Guinnyth was born and Julia loves it, too!  It is colorful, cheap, and draws quite a bit of interest.  Bright. White. Simple.

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