How to do Vintage Waves with a Flat Iron

I’m always looking for simple and different ways to fix my hair and mix it up. Today, I’m going to share how to do vintage wavs with a flat iron.

how to create vintage waves quickly with a flat iron

Why do I love Vintage Waves?

These vintage waves are the unfussy version of the traditional “Jessica Rabbit” waves of the past. They look casual, yet pulled together and elevated. Dare I say that they’d even be a beautiful wedding hairstyle??

The best part about vintage waves done with a flat iron is that they don’t need to be perfect. Part of the charm of this hair style is that it can be perfectly prim or perfectly messy. You choose!

What about Vintage Waves on Short Hair?

The first time I attempted these waves was on my short, chin length hair. They worked great and held up so well. This hair tutorial works on any hair type and will definitely work on short hair and long hair alike.

What is needed to Create these simple Waves?

A flat iron, or standard straightener, is all that is needed for the vintage waves. Having one tool that can do multiple things- straighten hair, create curls, or create these vintage waves- is an amazing tool to have, in my opinion.

If you prefer the perfect vintage wave option, you might want to grab a non-oily hair taffy to apply afterwards to keep the fly-aways kempt.

How to prep hair for Vintage Waves

The thing I love the most about these vintage waves is that I can let my hair air dry and go with the natural bend of my hair. I do have curl in my hair, but this can be accomplished even with straight hair. Typically, I wash my hair the evening prior, allow it to air dry, and then I create my version of these relaxed “Hollywood waves” in the morning.

One way I keep my hair healthy is by using the least amount of heat as possible. Being able to air dry my hair for this style is a big “plus” in my book.

How to Wave your Hair

Vintage waves require a bit of a “tapping” motion on the hair as you slide and bend. I know, I know… it sounds complicated, but I promise it’s not. The video will clarify this motion, so be sure to watch the video below to see exactly how to wave your hair.

  1. Smooth out the root of the hair with the flat iron. This helps with taming fly-aways.
  2. Grab a 1 inch section of hair at the top of your head.
  3. Begin the wave by bending your hair “outward” and away from your head. Tap and slide over and over to warm the hair, create the wave, and encourage your hair to bend.
  4. Bend the hair back and forth with the iron as you slowly move down the strands of hair.
  5. Continue until all of the hair has been waved
  6. Apply a “taffy” to smooth out the waves, if needed.

Vintage Wave Video

Supplies you will need

  • Flat iron– this iron is the one I recommend. It doesn’t pull and grab the hair, but lets it slide easily. It is pricey, but won’t need to be replaced for years to come.
  • Taffy– I have used this taffy for years and love it so much. It is light and non-greasy.

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simple vintage waves created with a flat iron

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