Living on One Income // Aldi & Azure

I chatted about my bi-monthly shopping trips
but I wanted to share a few special grocery stops that I use to help stretch our dollar.  
I have mentioned before about Azure and buying bulk from a co-op.  
I love that all the items I purchase from Azure are GMO-free and organic.  
I can buy bulk and not have to worry about having certain supplies and groceries.  
The only down side to Azure is you have to work around their schedule.  
You don’t get to pick the time and date to pick up your food.  
You have to be available on the date and time they have specified. 
 Although it isn’t always perfect timing for me to pick up our groceries, I have never NOT been able to make it work.  It is also nice to be able to shop from my computer while the babes are sleeping.
A newly found obsession of mine has been shopping at Aldi.
A bloggy friend, Aliesha, wrote several posts about how she shops at Aldi.
Y’all… it is so much cheaper and if you hit it right, you get all the good produce you would find at Wal-Mart.
They are even expanding their inventory to include organic items and gluten-free options.  
Their milk, cheese, yogurt, and eggs are all made from milk from cows that are not treated with growth hormones.    
I would challenge you to try and find dry goods that are priced lower than Aldi- you won’t. 
It is a “budget must” when it comes to grocery shopping.
Those are the two major budget-savers that help our family afford quality food without busting our budget.

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  1. I have found that oats, walnuts, and frozen blueberries purchased in bulk at Azure are cheaper than Aldi.

  2. I recently discovered you, and I am really getting a lot out of your posts. I currently work full time at a job I've been at for 10 years, and 'the plan' over the next few years is for me to phase this job out, and join my husband in his business (he is self-employed) and maybe/most likely get a part time job so that I can have a little something of my own on the side. My #1 reason for keeping this job for as long as I have, is providing benefits for myself, my husband and my daughter. I've got to admit, it makes me a little panicky and a little anxious when I think about the future. Your posts are giving me insight into the way it really is, and I appreciate it!

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