Natural Makeup for Homemakers

Part of getting ready every day is getting your face ready, too. For an “everyday” look, I like to keep things minimal and clean. Today, I’m going to share my favorite natural foundation and my go-to natural eye makeup look.

selfie of a homemaker in root pretty makeup

For years, I’ve looked for a medium coverage foundation that wasn’t full of chemicals and yucky ingredients.

I have sensitive skin and I break out easily, so finding a clean makeup is important for keeping my breakouts at bay. The hard part is finding a natural foundation that also has good coverage.

Thankfully, after much research I have found a wonderful option for clean, natural makeup.

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What is Natural Makeup?

Finding a natural makeup can be difficult since labeling isn’t always clear. When looking for a good makeup, look for natural ingredients and avoid lots of synthetics. I shared in my Clean Perfume post why going 100% natural isn’t always possible, so if you’re interested, check that out.

It’s best to look at the ingredients and see what they use to preserve the makeup and keep bacteria out, without adding in a ton of chemicals.

Why Root Pretty?

The best natural makeup line is Root Pretty. It was created by a mom who searched for a clean makeup and couldn’t find one. She created this company with her daughters in mind.

Root aims to make the best natural and organic makeup on the market. They omit any fillers and only use skin-loving ingredients.

The price point for Root is also a major bonus. Any homemaker can fit Root makeup into their budget. Plus, they offer skin care, too!

photos of a homemaker wearing natural makeup by root pretty

Natural Foundation

Root offers a natural, lightweight foundation that wears all day long. This medium coverage foundation can be layered to create a more full coverage look.

As the day wears on, you can freshen up your look with a quick swipe of the foundation over your T-zone. This product also serves as a 3-in-1 product: concealer, liquid foundation, and powder foundation. All you need is water!

Root has a wide variety of color choices for their natural foundation, so there is something for everyone!

root pretty natural foundation on a white table

Natural Eye Makeup

Root offers over 50 natural eye makeup pigments, giving every homemaker the ability to create the look she wants. Maybe you want a natural look or a more glamorous look for the evening. Root has colors in both loose and pressed powders.

There are even natural mascaras and eyeliners available. If you’re wanting a colored eyeliner, simply take your brush, wet it, and dip it in a color of Root’s natural eyeshadow and use as a liner!

homemaker with natural eye makeup and a black top

Natural Eyeshadow Looks

If you’re looking for a natural eyeshadow look, check out this video:

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