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A new school year… it’s kind of a big deal around here.  I had intended on going to bed early so I could rise well rested and circumstances had me tossing and turning most of the night.  Nevertheless, I rolled my tired body out of bed and padded toward the kitchen.  It’s a blessing to be able to get up early and pray over these little ones and for the mama who begs for patience and gentleness as we tackle the day.  
I brew my coffee and sit in my corner to read the Word and consider what it says.  A Psalm and Proverb is usually what I start my day with.  Sometimes, I read and it feels like a flood.  Other times, I’m fighting distraction and begging for a drop.  Today, it was somewhere in the middle.  Regardless of the outpouring, I will be back to mine the Scriptures tomorrow because I believe that the Lord will give me what I need at precisely the right time.  My job is to come with nothing and beg for everything- over and over again.

A hot breakfast is always on the morning agenda for the beginning of a new year.  It just feels special and helps entice sleepy summer habits to fade away.  The kids all came down a bit slower than usual and I could tell they were out of the habit of rising with the sun.  By the time they finished breakfast, they were chattering and there was a sweet excitement about the day.  Off they went to prepare their rooms and themselves for the first day.

We don’t do anything to out of the ordinary for the first day.  I set out their new books and supplies and they dig through them and talk about how nice it is to have fresh, sharp crayons and pencils to use.  I tell them to take care of them and to not tear the paper off of the crayons.  
Finally, we settle into school and muddle through the first day… taking a big breath once it’s over and hoping the second day feels a bit less disheveled.  Next year, it will be much of the same thing.  We will celebrate a new school year, but these babies will be bigger and will have changed so much.  I will start my day with coffee and the Word in the corner of my sofa and pray over a new year and over these same hearts. 

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