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Mini Cake Recipe Tutorial | Bake With Me

This mini cake recipe tutorial is the perfect cake for birthday parties or holiday events. Bake with me as I show you exactly how I create these mini cakes.

In our home, we don’t plan blowout parties and birthday extravaganzas. We do, however, invite the grandparents over, cook a nice meal, and have delicious cake.

This year, our oldest turned 13. I wanted to make this birthday stand out and feel a bit extra, so she invited a few friends over to eat cake.

The cake is a simple vanilla cake with a chocolate ganache and strawberry garnish. I think a great addition would be to add decadent chocolates to the top along with the fruit garnish.

Why bake Mini Cakes?

There is something about individual desserts that feels special. Creme brûlée, decadent puddings, cobblers in mini bakeware, and now… mini cakes. A delicious cake is a delicious cake, no matter how you slice it, but this mini cake recipe makes each person eating the cake feel like it was made especially for them… and it was.

Tips for Baking this Mini Cake Recipe:

  • Bake cake in a cookie sheet so the layers are thin. This keeps the cake from being so tall that it topples over.
  • Make cake ahead and freeze it once completely cooled. Wrap cake in plastic wrap and aluminum foil and allow it to freeze.
  • Cut out the mini cakes with a biscuit cutter. They cut easier when the cake is frozen and then slightly thawed. The cake is easier to handle this way.
  • Frosting cakes is also easier when frozen. Cakes don’t tend to crumble as much when frozen.
  • You may also freeze frosted cake until the cake is needed. Flash freeze the frosted cake. Once frozen, wrap in plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and then a bag of some sort (think, a target sack). This will keep your cake free from freezer burn. When it’s time to use the cake, pull it out 12 hours prior to the cutting of the cake. Remove the layers of wrapping and allow it to sit at room temperature.

Bake With Me Video Tutorial:

Watch this video as I show you the step by step tutorial of how to bake these mini cakes. As we bake, I share a bit about why we celebrate birthdays the way we do and how our past determines much of what we do in the present. I hope you will bake with me!

I use the Vanilla Cake from this website. It is always delicious and far exceeds anything from a box. I use the corresponding frosting recipe, as well.

Ganache Recipe

Tools you will need:

Biscuit cutters

Frosting Smoother

Frosting Spatula

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Thank you for baking with me! I hope you enjoy this Mini Cake Recipe Tutorial. Let me know if you make these yummy mini cakes!

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