DIY // Feather Headband

I made a headband for Guinnyth’s two year pictures

and I knew I would have people asking where it was from
or how to make one,
so I went ahead wrote a post up to answer questions.
This was a very quick and easy project that cost around $6.
There are leftover supplies, so I could make five or six headbands, if I wanted.
Supplies you will need:
Metallic Gold Ribbon
Small strip of Felt
Craft Glue
Small Piece of Elastic
Needle and Thread


First, measure the ribbon around the child’s head and cut one inch smaller than the head circumference.  By cutting the ribbon slightly smaller, it allows us to attach elastic to the headband later without it being too big for the child.

You will then glue the feathers onto the back of the ribbon, centering the feathers in the center of the ribbon, with the craft glue.
Glue the small strip of felt to the backside of the feathers to keep the headband from rubbing the child’s forehead.
Let the glue dry for an hour, or so.
Then, trim the bottoms of the feathers so they don’t hang over the bottom of the ribbon.

Lastly, you will take an inch and a half of elastic in length (make sure the elastic is not wider than the ribbon you are using) and sew it to the ribbon so there is some give and stretch to the headband.
This allows the headband to slide on and off easily.


I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial!

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  1. Omgoodness. First, your model is too cute! So adorable with the headband too. Thanks for sharing your quick tutorial on Merry Monday. Hope you can join us again this Sunday night at 6pm PST.

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