The Secret for Great Art

There’s a secret in the design world in regards to great artwork. Well, I guess it’s not a secret, per say, but not many know about it.

It’s called the Public Domain. Much of the “antique/vintage” art prints you see sold are from the public domain. And, here’s the real kicker… much of it you could get for FREE if you did some digging online.

What is the Public Domain?

The Public Domain is a place where you can search for and download artwork, most of which were painting by those who have since passed.

Most of the art prints have no copyright restrictions, meaning you can print them (and even sell them) for free. Either the artists have died or the copyrights have expired.

Even popular designers use the public domain to market and sell to their customers.

George Washington

Where can I find the Public Domain?

I will share a few of my favorite sources for Public Domain artwork. I prefer the aged look, but there are more modern prints, too. Just be sure that it’s not copyrighted.

How do I print the artwork?

  1. Find the art you want
  2. Download it to your computer
  3. Print it on your home printer or through a secondary source, such as MPix or Vistaprint.
  4. Frame it or glue it to a canvas!