Little Girl Bedroom Ideas

I remember the days of pinning a million pictures of nurseries to a Pinterest board so I could create the perfect room for my newborn. While it was fun and kept my mind distracted, it was also stressful to not know where to begin. Today, I’m sharing some little girl bedroom ideas that are simple and sweet.

twin beds in a girls room

Decorating is something that I have always loved, but it hasn’t always been easy because the budget wasn’t there.

While we have a bit more flexibility than we did in our twenties, we still stick to a budget. That means we don’t have oodles to throw at the wall when creating sweet spaces for our kids.

I remember my mom wallpapering my bedroom and making me a quilt for my bed when I was a little girl.

I’m not quite as talented as my mom, so I stick with throw pillows and rugs.

When we moved into our current home, we had two of our girls share a bedroom. We have since switched things around and now they each have their own rooms.

I wanted to share a few thoughts on creating lovely spaces for our kids without breaking the bank and how to put together a shared little girl’s bedroom.

little girls bedroom with a jute rug

Where to start with a Little Girl Bedroom

I will be the first to admit that I get sucked in by the pretty pictures I see on Pinterest and Instagram.

These well edited rooms that have the perfect wallpaper and toys are so darling.

For someone on a budget, this isn’t always the best route because wallpaper can be expensive and leave you stuck with a certain color palette and style.

If you spend a bunch of money on a particular bedding with a specific pattern it can pigeon hole you when you’re ready to change things up later.

It may seem boring, but the best place to start with a little girl’s bedroom is:

  • paint on the walls- pick a color that can be versatile, such as white walls
  • a neutral rug- a neutral rug adds texture and shape to a space
  • white bedding- this is easy to transform with new pillows
  • good lighting- this can add a touch of style without breaking the bank
  • plenty of storage- storage keeps room from looking cluttered
girl reading on her bed

Girl’s Bedroom Decor

When I was working on the bedroom for my young girls, I tried to keep most of the room neutral with some touches of color here and there.

I continue to do this now that they all have their own rooms, but it was especially important when they shared a room.

Trends and styles change so quickly and the last thing you want to do is spend oodles of money on one trend only to find that it is out of style a year from now.

If you have a daughter who wants a themed room, try decorating it with a few things here and there, while leaving the rest of the room simple and neutral.

There are a few things that I’ve invested in for my girls to make their bedrooms nice, but also allow them to transition from year to year.

  • White bedding– I know this might seem boring, but white bedding is so versatile. Spend some money on a good quilt or blanket to toss over the bed and a nice bed skirt. It’s so easy to change the look of the room by adding or changing a throw blanket at the foot of the bed.
  • Cute bed frame– When we moved into this home I wanted to upgrade my girls’ beds. Prior to this, they were sleeping on a boxspring and mattress on the floor, which was fine for the time being. Purchasing a nice, twin bed frame for each girl elevated the look of the room and gave them a bed that they could use until they were out of our home.
  • Neutral Area Rug– I love how rugs can take a bland space and make it feel pulled together. For my girls, I created a sweet room by incorporating simple bedding, a cute bed frame, and a neutral rug. This rug made the room feel intentional and like style wasn’t an afterthought. Yet, it has allowed the room to transition from trend to trend.
shared girls room

Little Girls Bedroom Ideas

With all of that said, you want a room for your little one that she will love and also grow into.

Kids grow so quickly and you want a room that will be able to grow with her when she’s ready for a big girl room.

Can everything be bland and white?

Nope, but making sure the big ticket items are flexible as she grows will help to make the transition from trend to trend easier.

While I love white and simple, my girls prefer a bit of color. The challenge comes with creating a space that is simple, yet stylish.

There are a few main styles that are trending right now. I like incorporating bits of these while sticking with basics for the expensive items.

Reading Nook

Adding a chair and bookcase is a quick way to create some charm to a bedroom without spending a ton.

You probably already have books for your girl, so creating a reading nook is halfway done!

One of my favorite things to do is to look for antiques to finish out rooms. Decorating with antiques adds so much charm to any space.

A fun reading chair paired with a simple bookcase is perfect for any room. Even small rooms can handle a small chair or floor pouf.

Creative Artwork

Whether you add a cork board for your kiddo to hang her photos, or you grab some unique artwork for her room, this piece is what makes a room special.

I have done several things to add character to my girls’ rooms.

My oldest has a cork board to put her favorite photos that she has taken on.

My younger girls have vintage oil paintings and fun animal prints on their walls.

None of those things are super expensive and they are, somewhat, timeless.

Fun animal prints and personal photos are always something a girl will enjoy seeing on her walls.

Trendy Pillows

Pillows are an area that you can afford to be trendy with.

Add color and style with throw pillows. I love switching things up with pillows, not only season to season, but when trends shift.

If you have a shared girl’s room, this is a simple way to allow each child to express her own style.

Simple Color Palette

Using a simple color palette is key when you want a room to be timeless.

Muted colors allow for flexibility with decor. You can swap out pillows or decor without changing the entire look of the room when the color palette is simple.

Space for Imagination

Whenever you are creating a room for a child, be sure to allow plenty of room for imagination.

My girls love playing with their little toys, so having an open area to set up a town for their animals is important.

Give plenty of room for their imaginations to be able to run!

girl sitting on her bed with white bedding

Small bits of Style

If you want to go with a trend, try sticking with a small area.

Although it is hard to see in pictures, my daughters have one peach wall.

I have often considered wallpapering one wall to add some style to their room.

If you are loving a trend, or if your daughter is loving something particular, try doing an accent wall instead of the entire room in the pattern.

It is less of a commitment.

Another great idea for adding style without a big commitment is using wall decals. These will stick on and come off whenever you’re tired of them.


Adding fun lighting can transform a room, also.

Fairy lights, a vintage finds, such as an old milk glass lamp, or a modern lamp with a shade that has pom poms on it can give personality and whimsy to any space.

Window Treatments and Wall Art

A perfect place to add in some bold colors is over the windows and in the wall art.

Both of these things creates a focal point and can even be used to separate a shared room into two separate spaces so each kiddo can have her own style happening.

Placing pictures in each girl’s favorite colors over their bed allows them to have a little bit of personal style in their room, even when they share it with a sibling.

coffee mug being held in the air

Small Spaces for a Little Girl’s Bedroom

If you are limited on space or you have two girls sharing a room, make the most of the space by adding in some space saving items.

When my girls shared a room, I had to get creative with storage for clothing and toys.

The amount of clothing and toys was limited so that there would be enough space for it in their shared room.

Maybe you don’t have kiddos sharing a room, but rather the rooms are small.

These are some things I did to make the most of the space.

  • Peg Rack– I love simple peg racks and they allow a vertical space for kids to hang things.
  • Under Bed Storage- Make the most of the space under beds by using a short storage tote to store toys and art supplies.
  • Closet storage– One area that we maximized the storage was with a vertical storage unit for the closet. This allowed the girls to store shoes and toys.
  • Smart Bed Choices- If you are short on space, using a bunk bed or trundle bed can maximize the space.
two beds in a shared girls room

Little Girl Bedroom Details

Sometimes, the finishing touches are what make the room feel super special.

My daughters love twinkle lights around their rooms.

Switching on the lights make evenings seem magical and they only cost a few dollars.

Another item that my girls love are ceiling canopies. My oldest has her own room now and she got one for her birthday last year.

It is a simple white canopy that hangs over her bed, making it feel intimate and special.

Garlands are another great way to bring a room together without spending a bunch.

There are so many different types of garlands- beaded garlands, felt garlands, tassel garlands, etc. You really can go crazy with these because the choices are extensive!

Little Girls Bedroom Resources

  • Area Rug- linked above
  • White Dresser- Ikea
  • Sconces- Urban Outfitters
  • Beds- linked above

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