7 Christmas Dessert Ideas


French Apple Pie

This French apple pie is perfect for those cozy winter days when you want a delicious comforting desert without a lot of fuss.  Making this dessert from scratch is simple and a great way to use up those apples that seem to be bountiful in the fall months.

Pear Galette

This rustic pear galette recipe is a great Christmas dessert featuring pear slices atop a delicious galette dough baked until golden brown. This pear dessert is easy and will quickly become a family favorite!

Peach Crisp

It doesn’t get more deliciously rustic than a peach crisp with an oatmeal topping.  You take the most basic ingredients and turn it into the perfect tasty dessert.

Easy Sponge Cake

This delicious strawberry sponge cake is made with a few simple ingredients and is a showstopper for any meal.

Cream Puffs

Old fashioned cream puffs seem like a difficult dessert to make, but they are quite simple and this recipe doesn’t require any fancy gadgets or a piping bag.

Strawberry Crumble

Finish off your Christmas dinner with an easy strawberry crumble that boasts delicious fresh strawberries and the perfect crumble topping. Did I mention that this is a fast and simple recipe?

Christmas Cookies

Every year, we have a baking day in our home where the kids join me in the kitchen and we fill Christmas cookie boxes with soft Christmas cookies and other fun treats.

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