Bananas and Cream Protein Oatmeal for Fall Recipe

Oatmeal is one of those breakfasts that, if made right, packs a powerful punch of protein and taste.

It is perfect for picky eaters because you can tweak it for each person.

Why you’ll love this RECIPE

Prep Time: 0 MINS

Cook Time: 5 MINS


- Rolled Oats - Protein powder - Milk - Sweetener - Sliced Bananas

Heat up your milk in a sauce pan on the stove until it is at a slow boil.

Steps for Making Bananas and Cream Oatmeal

Once your milk is simmering, turn off the heat and add in your oats and sweetener.

Put the lid on your saucepan and let the oats soak up the milk for 5 minutes.

Pour in your protein powder and mix well to eliminate clumps.

Add 1 cup of heavy cream to a stand mixer.

How to make homemade whipped cream

Add 2 tablespoons of sweetener- maple syrup, powdered sugar, honey.

Turn your mixer on medium high speed and let it whisk your cream until stiff peaks form.


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