Easy Cream Cheese Crepe Filling

This easy cream cheese crepe filling takes a quick 5 minutes to mix together and tastes amazing in crepes or as a simple fruit dip. Plus, it uses basic kitchen ingredients!

What are Crepes?

Crepes are somewhat like very thin pancakes. The basic crepe recipe combines flour, water, and salt, just like most basic pancakes. Crepes originated in the northwest Brittany region of France, around the 12th century.

Why You’ll Love This Crepe Filling Recipe

-It uses basic ingredients that you likely have in your kitchen already! -Because of the cream cheese and heavy whipping cream, this filling will taste sweet but be full of proteins and slow-burning fats. -While this filling makes sweet crepes, you can also leave out the powdered sugar and fill it with savory fillings.

How Do You Make Crepes?


1. Make your preferred crepe recipe. 2. Cook the crepes. 3. Make the crepe filling and spread it on your homemade crepes. Roll them up and enjoy!

Ingredients for a Basic Crepe Recipe

- Cream Cheese - Powdered Sugar - Vanilla - Lemon Juice - Heavy Whipping Cream

How To Make Cream Cheese Crepe Filling

1. In a mixing bowl, add cream cheese and powdered sugar. Use a stand mixer or egg beater to mix them together, on high speed, until they are light and fluffy. 2. Add vanilla and lemon juice, and continue mixing! 3. Add the heavy whipping cream, and keep on mixing.

My French Crepes Recipe

Prep Time: 5 min. Cook Time: 15 min.. 1. Make batter 2. Chill batter 3. Cook crepes 4. Fill and roll crepes

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