Easy DIY Anthro Mirror

Easy DIY Anthro Mirror

This easy DIY Anthropologie Mirror was so simple to put together that even a “non-DIYer” like me could do it! If you are looking to get that vintage feel with your mirror, but you don’t want to spend mucho bucks, this DIY is for you.

I cannot remember the first time I laid my eyes on the Anthro Gleaming Primrose mirror, but it was eons ago. Even though the mirror is pricey, and rightly so because it is gorgeous, that doesn’t mean you can’t make what you currently have work!

Making Your Own DIY Mirror is Possible

What Do You Need to Make a Gleaming Primrose Mirror?

- Mirror with a flat bottom - 2 appliqués for top, 2 for bottom - Rub 'n Buff to create a beautiful painted finish - Hot glue and glue gun for gluing on the appliqués

Steps for making a DIY Anthropologie Mirror


1. Wipe down mirror to prep for painting 2. Use rub ‘n buff to paint the appliqués and mirror 3. Allow the paint to dry 4. Glue the Appliqués onto the mirror

How Do You Make an Ornate Mirror?

The key to getting a mirror that looks like the Anthro mirror is to get ornate appliqués. You don’t want anything too frilly, but there needs to be a bit of “fancy” to them so they feel special. Make sure you attach the bottom corner pieces high enough that the bottom of the mirror sits on whatever surface you have it on without putting pressure on the bottom pieces.

How Do You Keep Paint off of the Mirror surface?

If you are worried about keeping paint off of the mirror surface, use blue painter’s tape prior to painting. The Rub n’ buff is so easy to use that I don’t usually need any tape. If any excess gets on the glass, I use a razor blade to scrape it off.

Mirrors like this tend to be a focal point in the room. You can put yours on a mantle, the top of a piano, or dresser. Since the mirror is so beautiful on its own, I chose to stick with two simple topiaries on either side of the mirror. Having it on a buffet in an entry would be lovely with a small faux flower arrangement and a classic lamp.

How Do You Style an Anthro DIY Mirror?

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