Every home cook needs a crazy, easy recipe up her sleeve to pull out when the days get busy. These French dip sandwiches are the perfect dish to throw in a crock pot and ignore until supper time.

WHy  French Dip Sandwiches?

I have a couple of kiddos that love anything that is heavy on the beef. They love hamburgers, steak, beef stroganoff, and more. It was because of their love for beef dishes that I began making this fool-proof, super simple French dip sandwich recipe.

Not only is this recipe a cinch, it is also impressive and filling. This sandwich was actually created by accident when a chef in California dropped the roll for a beef sandwich into the au jus sauce. The roll was so delicious that it became a regular menu item, and thus, the sandwich was born.

WHY YOU'LL LOVE These french dip sandwiches

Prep Time: 10 MIN

Cook Time: 8 Hours


-Beef Roast -French Onion Soup -Beef Broth -Stem of Rosemary -Garlic -French Rolls -Provolone Cheese Slices

1. Sauté the onions until caramelized. 2. Add in the beef broth, garlic, bay leaf, and white wine and heat to a simmer. 3. Add in the beef roast and proceed according to the French Dip Sandwich instructions.

How to make French Onion Soup

1. Split the french rolls and butter the inside of the bread. 2. Place a generous portion of shredded beef on the rolls. 3. Place the cheese on top. 4. Broil until melted and bubbly. 5. Serve with a small bowl of au jus.

How to Assemble French Dips

-Cole  Slaw -Potato Salad -French Fries -Caramelized Onions  -Soup -Roasted Vegetables -Fresh Green Beans

What to Serve with French Dips