Easy Ham and Cheese Frittata

Finding great breakfasts that can be made ahead and are packed full of healthy ingredients can be difficult, but this easy breakfast frittata recipe is a great dish to serve for those early morning meals!

A great thing about frittatas is that they fill you up and are full of good ingredients. Plus, you can add to it as you like!

Why you’ll love this Ham and Cheese Frittata

1. Prepare Egg Mixture 2. Pour into skillet 3. Bake

3 Steps for Making  Ham & Cheese Frittata

Prep Time: 10 MINS

Cook Time: 35 MINS


- eggs - milk - cheese - onion - diced ham

– If you’re going to add vegetables to your frittata, sauté them so that the water content from the vegetables doesn’t make your frittata soggy. – Bake your frittata until you have a firm edge, but a creamy center. Once the frittata cools for five minutes the center will set and create the perfect silky creamy interior.

How to make the perfect Frittata

– Bell pepper – Favorite meat – Green onions – Cherry tomatoes – Fresh herbs – Fresh spinach

Best Frittata Add Ins

- Spinach and Feta - Sausage and Red Pepper - Veggie Frittata -Chorizo and Monterey Jack

Variations for this Frittata Recipe