Winter Homemaking TIPS

Homemaking is something all homemakers do, in one way or another. These will be baby steps that will help you get your bearings and give you a place to grow from!

What room do you spend the most time in? Begin by keeping that area tidy and move on from there as you grow as a homemaker.

How to Manage Cleaning as a Homemaker

If you are struggling with managing all of the stuff in your home and keeping things tidy, having extras laying around can be a huge culprit.

How to Manage Clutter

How to Manage Cooking as a New Homemaker

Start by making a new recipe each week. Find one new thing to learn and let the rest of the nights be filled with things you know how to do well.

I meal plan weekly and order my groceries online. I rarely run to the store, unless I forget something that I need.

Meal Planning for Homemakers

There are different ways to approach laundry- daily or once a week.

Managing Laundry as a Homemaker

Approach this task knowing that it blesses everyone else in the home, even if it’s in the simplest way.

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