How to chop cilantro

Chopped cilantro is a simple way to elevate your favorite recipes and give added freshness.

Cilantro is the leafy stems of a coriander plant. Once the plant flowers, the seeds are used to make coriander.

What is cilantro?

-Asian Dishes -Mexican Dishes -Salads -Salsas -Dips

what dishes is cilantro good for?

Cilantro plants include leafy herbs with tender stems. You can use the whole leaves and long stems can both be used in a variety of dishes. The dried seed can also be used, which are actually coriander seeds.

What are the parts of cilantro?

1. Gently place the herbs in a colander in the sink. 2. Remove any browned or imperfect leaves before washing. 3. Using cold water, rinse the herbs thoroughly, being as gentle as possible. 4. Dry the excess water off with a paper towel.

How to wash cilantro

1. Remove the leaves from the stem and combine the leaves into a small pile onto a cutting board. 2. Start chopping at one end of the pile and use a small rocking motion in one direction.

how to chop cilantro in 3 easy steps

3. Turn the leaves a quarter turn, and using the same method, chop the leaves until they are finely chopped.