How to finely Chop an Onion without Crying

The best thing about onions is how versatile they are and how they can be put in every savory dish, even if it’s a breakfast dish!

Before you go chopping onions, make sure you are getting the proper onion for the dish you are making.

What onions are good for cooking?

Remove the Stem end– Using a large, sharp kitchen knife slice off the stem of the onion. Be sure to create a flat cut that can act as a stable surface for future chopping.

What is the best way to chop an onion

Keep the cut sides of the onion that release fumes to a minimum. – When you slice the onion in half, keep the open side of the onion face down on the cutting board.

How to chop an onion without crying

Keep your fingers curled under so you don’t accidentally cut your finger. Hold the root end of the onion so it is stable and your fingers are out of the way.

Tips for chopping onions safely

Using a larger knife works best for chopping onions because onions are a larger vegetable. Having a sharp knife also ensures easy cutting.

Best knives for chopping onions

Choose a fresh onion. Make sure the skin of the onion is tight and dry. Feel the onion and make sure it is firm and not squishy.

How to pick a good onion