How to get a Cozy Minimalist Bedroom

I love “cozy” all year ’round, but when leaves start changing and the air turns crisp, the amount of cozy I want really gets turned up.

How do you create a Cozy Bedroom? -warm lighting -warm colors -fall foliage -cozy blankets -cozy smells -vintage quilts -stacks of books -vintage elements

One thing I recommend, especially if you are a family that likes to budget, is to think of ways to cozy things up without spending a bunch of money. I try to make sure I buy things that will last through several autumn seasons so that I’m not buying stuff each and every year. I, typically, like to buy one new item a year to make things feel fresh and exciting, but the rest gets recycled year after year.

Cozy Minimalist Bedroom on a Budget

- Pillow covers -Foliage arrangements -Baskets -Curtains -Wreath

Cozy Minimalist Bedroom DIYs

-Layer- blankets, books, pillows- -Warm lighting- lamps and candles -Textiles- cozy bedding and rugs- -Cozy color palette

How Can I Make a Bedroom Feel Cozy?

Cozy Blankets

Every home needs a basket full of blankets, in my humble opinion. I like to choose simple blankets for spring and summer and bring out more substantial ones for fall and winter. Blankets are a great way to bring in some color, without it being overwhelming in the space. I like to keep things minimal in our home, so having a ton of color doesn’t work for my decor taste.

What Blankets are Good for the Fall Season?

Plaid blankets Vintage Quilts Faux Fur