Christmas is a great time to host a fun party for your friends to enjoy the season and spark some creativity.

How to prepare for  a craft party

Keep things basic to make sure the craft party is a success and that everyone enjoys themselves.

Plan what craft(s) you will do at the party Decide what snacks you will serve Set up the craft area with supplies

Plan Easy Crafts

These crafts are simple, don’t take much time, and use very few supplies. This means that it will be enjoyable for both the hostess and the attendees, plus it won’t break the bank to buy the supplies.

Craft Ideas

1. Salt Dough Ornaments 2. Brown Sugar Body Scrub 3. Homemade Candles 4. Handmade Ornament 5. Infused Cleaning Vinegar

Keep It Festive

If you’re hosting a Christmas craft night for your friends, you definitely want to make sure you create a festive atmosphere.

Ideas for a Party

1. Put a Simmer Pot on the Stove 2. Light up your Classic Christmas Decor 3. Play Festive Music

Snacks for a Christmas Craft night

1. Cookies 2. Christmas Trail Mix 3. Candied Pecans 4. Chocolate Dipped Nuts

Goodie Bags for Party

Be sure to have goodie bags or boxes for your guests to take their crafts home in.

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