How to make a Croffle

A croffle is, basically, a marriage between a croissant and a waffle iron. The flaky, pastry layers puff up and fill the little squares of the iron and get the perfect crispy outer edge.

You will love this croffle recipe because it is dead simple and you can elevate the recipe as you desire.

Why you’ll love this simple croffle

Frozen Croissants– You may also grab frozen puff pastry if you don’t have frozen croissants in your store. Your frozen croissants will need to be thawed before using in this recipe.

What you’ll need to make croffles

Prep Time: 5 MINS

Cook Time: 5 MINS


- Frozen puff pastry dough - Granulated sugar - Maple syrup

Roll your croissant pastry dough in sugar. Be careful not to push down and squish the pastry layers down. The sugar should willingly stick to the dough.

Make Croffles in 4 easy steps

Roll out your puff pastry dough on a very lightly floured counter. Don’t flour the pastry too much. All you are doing is keeping it from sticking while you work with the dough.

How to use puff pastry for making croffles

Yes, you may make your own dough for the croissants. Pastry dough isn’t difficult to make, but it does require time and patience to get those beautiful, buttery layers you are wanting.

Can I make my own croissants for croffles?