How To Make A Gallery Wall With Vintage Art

Have you ever found yourself with a wall that has nothing on it, but needs something to create visual interest? Today, I am going to talk about how to make a gallery wall using vintage art.

They are a great way to fill up a wall and create a visual story for you and your guests to enjoy.

Why you’ll love a gallery wall

Picking your artwork is one of the easiest ways to make sure your gallery wall looks tasteful.

How to pick Vintage Art for your wall

How to Frame Artwork for a Gallery Wall

If you are going with a structured gallery wall, then using frames that are exactly the same will work great!

While it’s important to choose a variety of frames to break up a bland picture wall, it’s also important to pick a variety of images, too!

Choose a Variety of Images for your Picture Wall

Many people lay out their pictures on the floor, cut squares for each picture, tape the paper squares to the wall, and place the nail.

How to prepare your picture wall

Quick Tips for a Vintage Gallery Wall

Hang pictures in Odd Numbers. Use a variety of frames, Do not use all matted pictures. Keep some unmatted.

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