How to Make Essential Oil Candles

Making homemade candles is such a fun and easy DIY, but adding essential oils makes them even better.

Since oils last longer when stored in a cool, dark place you can understand why burning them might not give you the best results for scent.

Essential Oils in Candles

If you want your candles to emit the scent of your oils, you have to use those oils that have the strongest scent.

The Best Essential Oils for Candle Making

Lemon-Lavender is a perfect scent for summer. The lemon brings out the citrus that we all expect from summer with the hint of lavender.

Essential Oil Blends for Candles

– Soy Wax Melts – Jars for Candles – Hot-burning Wicks – Essential oils of your choice (be sure to use 100% PURE essential oils)

Supplies for Essential Oil Candles

Not only do you need enough essential oils to create the scent profile you’re going for. You also need the right wax to hold the scent.

How to help your essential oil candles have a stronger scent

While we’re at it, let’s talk about those wax burners. They were all the rage years ago and I think some people still love them, but they don’t want the toxins.

Essential Oil Wax Melts