We’ve all been there… you have last-minute guests coming any minute and your house isn’t ready. I’m going to share how I quickly prepare for last-minute guests.

Having guests arriving used to be a cause for panic years ago, but I have learned to enjoy having people come into my home. There are several steps I take when I quickly prepare for last-minute guests.

One of my biggest reasons for daily tidying the home is for this reason. If I spend twenty minutes every evening tending to the home, then it is never more than a half hour away from being ready for guests. Maintenance cleaning, or daily tidying, is the number one way I prepare for guests.

How do I prepare for house guests?

If last minute guests are going to drop by, I need to have a plan for getting the home ready quickly. When someone is dropping by on short notice, there is no way to do a full clean.

Pick Target Areas to Tidy Put Away Unwanted Items Clean Surfaces Sanitize and Prepare Bathroom Tackle the Kitchen Turn on the Essential Oil Diffuser

What is my cleaning routine for last-minute guests?

-Set a timer- set a timer and prepare until it goes off -Cleaning is always more fun with music playing -Ask for Help -Plan a small treat for company -Fresh Flowers -Enjoy your Company

Additional Tips for Last-Minute Guests

Being unprepared is one of the biggest enemies for a homemaker. It keeps homemakers from being hospitable, joyful, and calm. I try to have a plan for most things, simply because I handle stressful situations better when I have a plan. Let’s get to it!