Best Oils for Cooking Summer Meals in Your Cast Iron

Best Oils

Cast iron is one of the best pan choices you can make when cooking summer meals. There are a few things to take into consideration when cooking with cast iron and the best oil for cast iron cooking is one of them!

Best Oils for Summer Cast Iron Cooking

 - Longevity- They are, virtually, indestructible, as long as you care for them properly.  - Non-stick- If you cook with the proper oil and preheat your pan, you will have no  issues. - Chemical Free- Cast iron is a healthy pan to use for cooking. - Cleans up Quickly- If you use a well seasoned cast iron, preheat it before useand cook with the best cast iron cooking oils, you will have no trouble with clean up.

Benefits of Using Cast Iron Pans

Using Cast Iron Skillets without Sticking

One of the best features of cast iron are that they are non-stick and cook foods evenly. They also have an incredible ability to retain their heat after being removed from their heat source. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when using cast iron if you want things to not stick.

What to Keep in Mind So Food Doesn't Stick


1. Preheat your pan-Be sure to preheat your pan for 5 minutes. 2. Use the best oil for cast iron- The best oils for cast iron will have a high smoke point. 3. Cleaning Cast Iron- Scrub food bits well but don't immerse in water. Dry completely. 4. Prep Cast Iron for next use- Pour a teaspoon of oil in the bottom of your pan  and rub around.

Characteristics of Good Cooking Oils

You will want to use oils that have a high smoke point, help enhance the flavor of your food, and make for easy clean up. -Smoking Point -Flavor -Easy Clean up

Best Oils for Summer Cast Iron Cooking

I want to encourage you to choose an oil that will also be healthy for you and your family. - Avocado oil- This oil has a very high smoke point, 520°F, and provides a neutral flavor, healthy fats, and a great medium to cook with. - Organic, Refined Olive Oil- This oil has a high smoke point at 470°F and is great for sautéing foods - Refined Coconut Oil- The flavor profile is mild and the smoke point is around 400°F. - Butter or Ghee- These have a smoke point of 300-475°F.

Inevitably, there could come a time when you have to reseason your cast iron. It is an easy process, but only certain oils are good for this process. - Avocado Oil - Canola Oil - Coconut Oil - Extra-Virgin Olive Oil - Grapeseed Oil

Best Oils for Seasoning Cast Iron

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