Kitchen Charm With ILVE Ranges

If you’re wanting to add cottage charm to your kitchen by choosing old-world appliances, then you will love this. A home is full of life and comfort and memories.

Open kitchen shelving– Open shelving isn’t just a new thing. It’s been adding old-world charm for centuries.

How to add English charm to a modern kitchen

Appliances are where beauty can meet function.

Adding Old World Charm with appliances

There are appliances available that create a special look to your kitchen and it’s worth searching them out.

ILVE is an Italian born company that got its beginnings in magnificent Venice in the year 1952.

What are ILVE ranges?

A gas range is one area that is worth spending a bit more to get something that brings warmth and character to your space.

ILVE Gas Range

Whether you have a gas line for your range or not, ILVE has options for you.

ILVE Options for their High-end Range

Regardless of what you choose, the quality of the ranges is amazing.

The ILVE oven design offers modern design amenities with the old world charm you want.

ILVE Oven Design

Depending on the size of range your kitchen can hold, they have single ovens and double ovens.

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