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Original Toffee Doodle Cookies

Original Toffee Doodle Cookies

These delicious toffee doodle cookies will most likely become one of your favorite cookie recipes and are great to bake anytime, including the holiday season. It is one of our favorite cookies because they are such soft chewy cookies with a delectably sweet taste with every bite.

What Are Original Toffee Doodle Cookies?

These chewy toffee snickerdoodles are great for a Christmas cookie exchange, Bible study, church potluck, or even a picnic on July 4th! A toffee doodle cookie is a combination of a classic snickerdoodle cookie with toffee chips or Heath toffee bits baked within, which makes it extra delicious!

What Makes These Original Toffee Doodle Cookies So Good?

It’s an easy recipe and the crunchy toffee bits take this cookie to the next level! Imagine biting into a soft and chewy buttery cookie with bits of toffee and coated with a sugar-cinnamon mixture.

 Why You'll Love These Original Toffee Doodle Cookies


Toffee doodles can be made ahead of time, mixed up in a large bowl, placed on a prepared baking sheet lined with parchment paper, and baked in no time. It will remind you of a chewy traditional snickerdoodle cookie, but the toffee bits or Heath bits add a little crunch!

Tell Me About Original Toffee Doodle Cookies

Taste- You can expect sweet deliciousness in every bite! Texture- Every bite is soft and chewy with a bit of crunch from the toffee pieces and cinnamon-sugar coating. Ease- This recipe is very simple to make!

Ingredients for Toffee Doodle Cookies

- Sugar - Salted Butter - Vanilla - Ground Cinnamon - All-Purpose Flour - Cream of Tartar - Eggs - Baking Soda - Toffee Bits, or Heath Bar (beaten in tiny bits)

How to Make Homemade Toffee Doodle Cookies

Prep Time: 20 min. Cook Time: 10 min. 1. Mix wet ingredients 2. Mix dry Ingredients 3. Prepare dough to bake

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