10 Beautiful Pergola Lighting Ideas

Beautiful Pergola Lighting Ideas

If you love classic style that marries charm and simplicity, then you know why a pergola is a perfect choice for your outdoor space. Choosing the right lighting for your outdoor living space is just as important so you can enjoy our area no matter what time of day! I’m sharing 10 of the best pergola lighting ideas for you today!

What is a Pergola?

A pergola is a structure that comes off of your home and creates a rafter structure over your outdoor space. The beams form a criss-cross pattern and create a great “ceiling” to hang your lighting of choice from. While a pergola doesn’t help much with preventing sun exposure, unless you attach an awning to the structure, it does offer you a place to attach lighting options to for evening and nighttime enjoyment.

What Are Some Ways to Light Your Pergola?

1.String Outdoor Pergola Lights- Hanging strands of outdoor pergola lights creates a dramatic effect while offering you flexibility with the intensity of the lighting. 2. Outdoor Chandelier- If you are wanting drama for your outdoor dining area, consider a crystal chandelier or another hanging chandelier that will give you a focal point for your patio.

More Ways to Light Up Your Pergola


3. Paper Lanterns- A great way to give a soft glow to your backyard is with paper lanterns. Many paper lanterns can be found as solar lanterns so you don’t have to worry about the electricity. 4. Drum Lights- Drum lights are a perfect way to add a modern look to an outdoor space. You can get them in a variety of styles and shapes.

Other Great Ideas for Pergola Lighting

5. Fairy Lights- Fairy lights are an economical way to add some dim lighting and  wonderful ambiance to an outdoor structure. 6. Pillar Candles- If you have a patio dining table, getting huge hurricane jars and adding pillar candles in various sizes would bring so much style. 7. Mason Jar Lights- Grab some glass mason jars and fill them with bright white lights that run on a battery or strings of solar lights. .

Additional Pergola Lighting Ideas

8. Fire Pits- Fire pits are great for giving some light, warmth, and an opportunity to roast s’mores. 9. Curtain Lights- Curtain lights hang down to the ground and cover an entire area much like a window curtain would. 10. Pendant Lights- They do work well for outdoor kitchens, and  typically used for areas that are permanent, such as a kitchen or grilling space.

When we moved into this home the pergola over our backyard patio was one of the huge selling points for me. Pergolas are classic and look great on any style of home. It was such a good choice for our backyard.

Pergola Lighting Can Change the Look of Your Patio

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